Embedding files and galleries in the WPBakery page builder: A match made on WordPress


If you value your WordPress blog's aesthetics, odds are you've spent a lot of time working on its theme. And if you're anything like 4 million other WordPress users, you have chosen WPBakery as your tool of choice. In that case, you'll be happy to know that your page builder's toolbox has grown larger. The new integration with WP Media Folder lets you embed files and file categories anywhere in your WordPress template with WPBakery's visual builder. 

WP Media Folder is a professional file, folder and gallery manager for all your media needs on WordPress. Recently, JoomUnited introduced new modules to add files and folders to Divi posts and pages. Those same blocks have now made it to another template plugin: the WPBakery drag-and-drop visual page builder. This massively-popular WordPress theme editor now has four new types of elements, allowing you to embed galleries, PDFs and download buttons.

 Embedding media galleries in WPBakery

Once you have activated WP Media Folder and any other addons, you can insert four elements into WPBakery. The first two that we will explore allow you to embed WP Media Folder galleries, or galleries from WP Media Folder's Gallery addon into WPBakery's visual page builder. All of the new elements reside under the JoomUnited tab when adding a new element to a page from WPBakery.

Adding an existing WP Media Folder addon gallery to a WPBakery page is very straightforward. When you add the element to the page builder, the first dropdown lets you choose a gallery. The next settings are how you define what the gallery looks like, controlling the theme and its options, as well as its behavior.

If you're creating a new gallery, choose the WPMF Gallery element. The general tab lets you choose a theme, and then add images just below. When you're choosing the images to add to the new gallery, you can harness all of the features of WP Media Folder. In other words, you can use the media manager to organize, filter or sort existing media, and even upload new media using drag-and-drop.

You might be more prepared than that, however. If you have been using WP Media Folder for some time, and you keep your WordPress media library organized, you don't have to create the gallery from scratch. Instead, you can use the gallery from folder tab when creating a gallery element to choose a media category and transform it into a gallery. Just like that, your WordPress template gets richer with galleries!

 Embedding PDFs and regular files in WPBakery

Browsers have become much more powerful and let you embed PDF viewers right into your web pages. The third WP Media Folder element for the WPBakery plugin lets you do just that. With the new WPMF PDF Embed element, you can place a PDF file in any WordPress page from the WPBakery page builder.

 Embedding a PDF file is extremely simple. All you have to do is choose the PDF file that you want to embed, and whether you want to embed it or make it available for download instead. When you embed a file, your visitors will be able to read the PDF right from the page with controls to zoom or go into fullscreen mode.

If you have the WP Media Folder Addon, you can also embed files available on cloud services. This includes services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and Amazon S3. If you prefer, you can add a download button for the PDF instead of embedding it. In that case, however, the last module might be more appropriate because it adds a visually-appealing download button instead of a simple link.

 The download button element targets all files, not just PDFs. Although you cannot embed other files, like ZIP archives, with such interactive viewers, you can still add them to your WordPress website from the page builder. To add a downloadable file to pages, choose the WPMF Media Download element. If you don't see it, make sure that the single media download option is enabled in WP Media Folder's settings.

All you have to do is choose a file, similarly to what we did earlier to embed a PDF, but this time, the WP Media Folder plugin adds a download button instead of a viewer. Don't worry, that's not a step down: the download button is not only a beautiful replacement, but it's also customizable from WP Media Folder's settings. The plugin supports any type of file, as long as it's supported by WordPress.

 Getting the most out of your WP Media Folder integration with WPBakery

Integrating WP Media Folder with WPBakery is not just about embedding media in your WPBakery templates. That's an important function, but there's also a lot more going on under the hood. For example, if you enable WP Media Folder's override file option, you can click on files in your media library and replace them. If you do that, then you also automatically update your WPBakery elements.

Another important feature in WP Media Folder is the ability to restrict access to media files. If you embed these files in WPBakery pages, WP Media Folder also obeys these restrictions and controls access to these files.

Lastly, if you use WPBakery and WP Media Folder, but you don't need to embed media, you can disable the integration to eliminate any impact on WPBakery's performance. All you have to do is navigate to WP Media Folder's general settings and disable or enable the WP Media Folder on frontend switch, depending on your needs.

Just like that, WP Media Folder has thought of everything. So what are you waiting for? If you use WPBakery, you can start enhancing your WordPress blog with even more media straight from your visual page builder.

Interested in learning more about WPBakery and WP Media Folder? Explore all the features in the new integration here.

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