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Building Bridges Between OneDrive and WordPress


You’ve probably used Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or another cloud service to host your images, videos and other files. When managing your WordPress website, looking for files scattered on different services can be a tedious task. This is the reason why WP File Download has previously introduced Google Drive and Dropbox integration with WordPress, but that is not the end of it!


Like Google Drive and Dropbox, OneDrive is also a cloud service, but created by Microsoft. The likeness doesn’t end there either, because now WP File Download joins the suite of WordPress plugins by JoomUnited that support OneDrive integration. That’s right - as from the latest version of WP File Download, your WordPress website will benefit from two-way synchronization with OneDrive, bringing your files and WordPress a step closer to each other. How do you get started with your OneDrive integration?


Setting Up OneDrive Integration with WordPress

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to integrate OneDrive with WP File Download. The process of setting up the integration is a simple, one-time procedure, and once it’s ready, all your OneDrive files will be available on WordPress. To get started, head to the OneDrive tab in your WP File Download configuration page.

You’ll notice that you require a Client ID and a Client Secret before you start - values that are associated with a OneDrive app. Worry not, however because you don’t have to be a developer to create one!

These values can be retrieved by registering your own app from Microsoft’s Application Registration Portal. To create an application, press the add an app button, and choose a name for your application.



In the next page, the Application ID represents the Client ID. To create the Client Secret, press on the generate password button and copy the ensuing code. Before you leave this page, create a new web platform by pressing the add platform button, and setting the redirect URL to your administration page. This URL can also be retrieved from the Redirect URIs Server field in the OneDrive tab on WordPress. To conclude, save changes in Microsoft’s Application Registration Portal.



Back on WordPress, copy the Application ID into the Client ID field, and the password that you generated into the Client Secret field. From this page, you can also specify a particular synchronization method.

If you want to avoid inadvertent synchronizations, you can also delay synchronizations. The sync periodicity adds a short delay to synchronization, giving you time to fix any mistakes before they are reflected on OneDrive.


Managing OneDrive Files with WP File Download

WP File Download’s OneDrive integration works both ways. In essence, this means that any changes to OneDrive files that you make on WordPress will also be reflected on OneDrive, and the reverse applies just the same.

The files themselve reside alongside the other WP File Download files. The only difference is that OneDrive folders are distinguishable thanks to a cloud icon next to their names.



You can kickstart the synchronization by creating a new OneDrive folder - analogous to a WP File Download category - in either WP File Download or in OneDrive. Thus, this folder will also be created on OneDrive, and becomes a synchronized folder.

You can also enforce synchronization by pressing the sync with OneDrive folder, bypassing the sync periodicity. What does WP File Download’s synchronization include?

The OneDrive synchronization covers just about anything. You can upload any type of file, and WP File Download will synchronize all files’ names, descriptions, creation dates and update dates. WP File Download also synchronizes the folders and sub-folders themselves with OneDrive.



Having all the files synchronized is not just a convenience - it’s a way of staying organized. WP File Download’s latest update brings your OneDrive files to your fingertips, allowing you to access your WordPress and OneDrive files from wherever you are!

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