Monday, April 13 2020
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Hi there
I bought from you guys in the past this WP product. At this time I have too many images on my project (more than 2000 in several folders) since that time, and the plugin is not working properly.
I have Versión 2.4.0 (the one with the old skin). Is there any way to get or download a new version to get a better user experience?
Hope yo can answer and help me with this.
Best regards,
more than a month ago

The plugin has been improved over the time, and we did some code optimization.
You can check the changelog here , (for example 3.6.0 and 3.8.0 versions)

Also with the subscription you have access to support, our team is here to help.

Best regards
more than a month ago
Ok Damien, I understand, but what should I do at this point, buy it again?, is there any chance to upgrade a little bit my old version to a new one (even not the last one), I dont know, anything to improve how this plugins works on my project. I paid for this on the time it was a unique payment (no date limited). Looking forward to your answer.
more than a month ago
Our memberships are one-time billing, there's no automatic recurring payment. You can renew when you want to update your plugin for new feature or get access to the support.
After your membership expiration you'll be able to use the plugin with NO restrictions.

One of the main time consuming tasks are:
- Maintaining the plugin features over time, compatible with WordPress new versions
- The personal support ticket

That's why our membership prices are based on that (access to new versions and support).
Note that we applied a 20% OFF based on the public price on renew.

Best regards
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