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Your "Physical folders" settings is a little confusing and suppose don't really needs on clear WP install when no any media or additional plugin exist? Please, add to your plugin "Physical folders" section and to documentation: - info of which options can be disabled on WP clear install and when NO any 3-rd party plugins which works with media is present.

Suppose options "Search into full database" and "Replace relative paths" - can be disabled?

What about "Detect media tables to replace content" option? It really needs? Maybe can bee set to just 1 table-column where WP store media paths? Or default place will be replaced with "Physical folder" on media upload anyway so this option can be disabled also?

PS It seems that your support team don't know what those options do.
10 months ago

We recommend keeping the settings like it is, even for default installation.
It will avoid future problem on WP updates or if one day you install a plugin and forget to change those settings back.

You can put your mouse hover settings and you'll get an explanation of what it does.

Here are the explanations in the hover tooltip:
Search into full database: "If checked, the plugin will not only replace content in your WordPress tables, but in all the tables it will find in the database. It could be useful if you use your attachments links in another CMS or custom script. If you don't specifically need it, leave this option unchecked."

Replace relative paths: "By default WordPress uses absolutes urls, but some plugins may use relative path. If checked, the plugin will try to replace also relative path in database, instead of only absolute urls. Replacements in database may fail in particular cases (files with the same name) if this option is used while you're not using the default year/month upload folders option in WordPress settings."

Let us know if the explanations are not clear enough, but for your case you could deactivate it. (But there is still a risk if anything changes in WP or in an untested scenario)

About the "Detect media tables to replace content" you could deactivate it. By default, there are some columns checked. It's the column where could be stored images links.
But like before, if you forget to add a column while you install a plugin using other columns it will fail and you'll have to manually update database.

I'll check with the support, they may misunderstand your question.
10 months ago
I create a very huge database with tons of media - so I need the most precise speed-up tuning as possible - so all unneeded functions must be turned off.

1) Yes, explanations and tooltips are not very clear because when they answer to question "what they do?", they still does not answer to important basic questions - "am I need them now and when they need?" "when exactly they work?"
I highly recommend to add more detailed explanation for each option with 2 cases - 1) for clear WP install and without plugins which use custom media paths, 2) for plugins which use custom media paths. Or just add some phrase like "This option needs only for 3-rd party plugins which store they own media paths." And add exact info when each function work - on "Physical folders" applying, on old media moving, on new media uploading, etc.?
Then it will be clear.

2) About "Detect media tables to replace content" option - if it will be completely disabled and all DB tables will be unchecked - it will spoil the "Physical folders"? or on new media uploading at clear WP the "Physical folders" will still work correctly?

PS Support careless behavior is classic for their region, you can't do truly anything with them, believe me, I've face to similar careless at many other projects many times and I've try to train similar stuff at my project - this gives almost no improvement, unfortunately, negligence is always returns soon. The best way is to add customer satisfaction rating feedback to each ticket and to dismiss those support members who are more careless than others.
10 months ago
Ok thanks for your feedback.
For your particular case you can disable "Search into full database" as you have only a WordPress installation.

If you upload new files in the right folder, or move it before using the file anywhere and you won't change file's folder later, then you can disable "Detect media tables to replace content" and uncheck all the columns.
Altering database table is only required if you move a file which as been used somewhere in WordPress (content, page, post, ...).

What it does under the hood:
1/ A file is moved in WPMF UX
2/ This file is put on a queue
3/ Files in the queue are proceeded one by one asynchronously.
4/ The script will search for the current file path in database according to the settings and update the path where it's used
5/ Finally, the file is actually moved and the WordPress attachment is updated in database (nothing related to the previous database search).

Hope it answers your question.
10 months ago
So if all exist WP plugins and content link media not by direct path but only by ID - all those option does not need.
Thus in terms of proper SW dev - I recommend to change behavior of "Detect media tables to replace content" function switcher by adding to current "search at all / search at selected" the new option - "off" - to disable this function completely and don't even call it.

PS BTW many users will be appreciative for function which will add possibility to add images etc into posts-content-etc at Gutenberg not by direct paths, but by exact ID, maybe as shortcodes [media=ID] - it will resolve many problems with paths search and replace (and also will better work with suggested by me "Media URL protection" functionality). Maybe your plugin already have a such function, not sure.
10 months ago
So if all exist WP plugins and content link media not by direct path but only by ID - all those option does not need.

It depends, some WP features will only use attachment ID, others will use plain link. It's not the same behavior if you insert it in html content or through an image block.
Because of that we have to check into database columns.

No, we don't have such shortcode.

And about file protection, we sell the WP File Download plugin which is much more appropriate tool. It allows to secure files with .htaccess and renaming, select granular permisions etc...
10 months ago
Hope all my suggestions will help you to make your plugin even more better! :)
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