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  2. Pres-sale questions about WP Media Folder
  3. Tuesday, April 05 2016
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I wanted to be sure I understood correctly. In a previous post you answered that this plugin is not compatible with the Elegant theme DIVI.

Is this correct???
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OK you mean the WP Media folder plugin? if so, it's a YES!
(I think you posted in a wrong category)

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Yes I was talking about WP Media Folder - and now better understand your forum setup. :)

One more pre-sales question please. I have a plugin called WC Vendors Pro. It allows for multiple vendors on my site using Woocommerece. Each have their own media library and perform their own media uploads.

Do you have any idea is there would be any conflicts with this set up? Would each vendor then have the ability to organize media - or would that remain an Admin option only?
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I haven't tested this plugin but I guess if it uses the default WordPress media manager I would say yes, it will work.
WC vendor pro may already handle the media separation per user.

There's also an option in WP media folder to limit access to media by user, but you won't need it in this case.
Anyway, you can drop us a ticket support if find any issue. And let me know if it does work too :)

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Im also needing some compatibility with wc vendors. Reading the features of your plugin I am hoping it will do what I need.

At the moment when each vendor uploads product images they sit in the WordPress media library. Making it a nightmare to organise.

I am hoping that your plugin can simply create a folder when a new user creates and account and just keeps the images separate. It's the only thing that I need it to do.

I will purchase and have a play but if it can not do that will you refund me?
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Yes it is, you can generate automatically one folder per user or per user role (to be activated in the configuration).
This is pretty handy for Ecommerce website and even more for muti-vendor websites, indeed.

Doc: https://www.joomunited.com/documentation/wp-media-folder-documentation#toc-4-3-media-access

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