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WP Meta SEO - Elementor Integration for WordPress SEO


Every post and every page on your WordPress blog matters for SEO, whether you're targeting Google, Bing, Yahoo! or any other search engine. Only optimizing blog posts fulfils just one part of the job: the permanent pages on your website matter too, especially because they provide the fundamental information about you or your business. If Elementor powers your WordPress blog, you'll be happy to know that now, you can optimize all Elementor posts and pages too.

Elementor is a live visual page builder for WordPress, which means that similar to the CMS' in-built editor you can construct pages without having to constantly switch from the editor to the preview. SEO matters for all the obvious reasons—appearing prominently in search results, retaining your audience and building new connections—and WP Meta SEO's latest update lets you optimize all content generated by Elementor for search engines.

Edit Elementor metadata with WP Meta SEO

Metadata is an important but often overlooked part of WordPress posts and pages. Just because you cannot see metadata, it does not mean it does not help your search engine rankings. On the contrary, search engines study metadata too. The latest version of WP Meta SEO places extra emphasis on your Elementor pages' metadata to optimize your WordPress blog.

When you boot Elementor to edit a page or a post, you will notice one new tab in the sidebar: Meta SEO. This tab includes several tools for your content, the first of which previews the page or post as it would appear on search engines and lets you edit the title and description metadata.

The title and description metadata serve two distinct purposes. The former is the title that Google displays when the Elementor page or post appears as a search result. The latter is the description that appears just under the title. To edit the title and description metadata, simply click on the fields and type.

Clearly, metadata is valuable because it ties in directly with search engines. However, you might still feel a certain reluctance to go over all of your WordPress posts and pages created with Elementor simply to update metadata. If you have a lot of content and you need to catch up quickly, WP Meta SEO is there to help with its bulk editor.

WP Meta SEO's bulk meta editor is accessible from the plugin, under the Content meta tab. The handy list shows all posts and pages, allowing you to quickly update your content's metadata: titles and descriptions. However, if you have no need or time to curate metadata, you can click on the meta bulk actions button to copy Elementor's titles and descriptions and use them as metadata.

Optimizing Elementor content for search engines

Metadata remains just one part of your search engine optimization strategy. Harnessing your Elementor content means paying attention to keyword usage, crafting the perfect title and ensuring that your content appears correctly on social media. With WP Meta SEO, you can achieve all these objectives from your Elementor editor.

So far, we have only explored the first part of the Meta SEO tab in your Elementor sidebar, but the other parts are designed to help you make the most of your WordPress content too. WP Meta SEO lets you define the keywords that you want to focus on, and then evaluates your content's SEO performance.

In the end, WP Meta SEO gives you a summary score: a percentage of how optimized your content is for search engines like Google and Bing. Underneath, the plugin provides you with actionable suggestions on how to improve your Elementor content. Among other things, our WordPress plugin gives you quality indicators about your page title, reminds you to fill in metadata, and informs you whether you're using SEO keywords optimally.

In the next WP Meta SEO tab, you can configure what your content looks like when shared on social networks. Social media is the most accessible way for your WordPress website's readers or customers to spread the word, helping you grow your audience. WP Meta SEO allows you to customize the title and description displayed on Facebook and Twitter in order to drive engagement.

Everyone has their favorite tool. If yours is Elementor, then we have good news. No longer do you have to choose between SEO and your favorite WordPress editor: with WP Meta SEO you can keep creating quality WordPress content with Elementor and optimize it for search engines.

Want to boost your Elementor pages? Learn more about WP Meta SEO here

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