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Upping the SEO Game with the WP Meta SEO Addon


WP Meta SEO’s addon allows you to give your WordPress website an SEO boost. Following the initial release, the WordPress plugin has been upgraded with new facilities, and it now boasts additional tools for you to handle your website’s SEO with ease.


Duplicate Content

The way that search engines, including Google, operate means that duplicate content is filtered out, delivering more unique search results to users. In fact, this isn’t a pitfall that exists only across websites, but also applies for duplicate information on the same website. In turn, this means that web developers have to keep an extra eye out for repeated content on their own websites.

The new version of the WP Meta SEO addon is now capable of detecting duplicate content, including meta titles and meta descriptions, for you. In turn this allows you to update titles, minimizing the negative effects of such content on your WordPress website’s SEO.



To check your website for duplicate content, navigate to the content meta page in WP Meta SEO’s menu. From this page, you can filter out unique items, retaining only content that has duplicate meta information.


Robust Sitemaps

HTML sitemaps are not just tools for search engines to discover your WordPress website’s content. Indeed, they also facilitate navigation for users by listing important URLs. To this end, it is important that sitemaps are easily-navigable. The latest release of the WP Meta SEO addon sees to this with new sitemap themes - accordion and tab views - that can be enabled from the sitemap menu.

The latest version also allows you to add and remove custom URLs to the sitemap. These custom URLs can be just about anything, and come in handy if you want to include a certain page from a menu that is excluded from the sitemap, for example.



To add or remove custom URLs, access the custom URL tab in the sitemap menu of WP Meta SEO’s addon. From here you can insert a new URL by providing a link to it and a title, or remove existing links.

A sitemap is no good if it doesn’t work as expected, however. For this reason, WP Meta SEO’s addon now has functionality to check your sitemap, and flag any errors. You can carry out this evaluation by pressing the run a link check button from the sitemaps configuration page.



The result is an AJAX-powered list of pages that are present in the sitemap with their status and other information. You can sort by different columns to focus on a specific group, and subsequently fix any problems.


Google Facilities

Keywords are what drive searches, and thus they represent the most primal means of standing out from among a myriad of websites. In its latest update, the WP Meta SEO addon comes with the Google Search Console integration, helping you identify the keywords that matter most for your content.



The way this integration works is very simple. When you’re editing a post, WP Meta SEO’s addon automatically detects and suggests effective keywords that are related to the content you’re discussing. What about when your WordPress website appears in search results, however?



Presentation is key, and the WP Meta SEO’s addon now allows you to describe your business better. This integration doesn’t just stop at your WordPress website, however. Indeed, this information will enrich your business’ appearance in Google’s search results using the search engine’s Local Business structured data. To update your information, just navigate to the local business tab in your WP Meta SEO addon’s settings page, insert the relevant data and save your changes.


Enriched Reports

The last new introduction to the WP Meta SEO addon improves the automated email reports by attaching the results as PDF files. These documents make it easier to share your SEO results with the rest of your team without having to use email.

Optimizing your WordPress website for maximal visibility on search engines can be a time-consuming task. The new update to WP Meta SEO’s addon allows you to think outside the box by enriching your content, optimizing your website’s results, and allowing a deeper analysis of your results, also enjoy the WP Meta SEO One Stop Dashboard

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