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WordPress File Download and Themes: Download Files with Design


WP file download is the best friend you can have when creating downloadable versions of your files as it not only facilitates the process but also helps you personalize your posts by using the file download themes.


WP File Download as digital download in video



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By using the friendly dashboard of WP file download, you can select any of the themes just by clicking the theme you want to use in a really friendly environment, of course, not everything ends in this as you can also create your own theme based on any other theme of which comes with the plugin and without worrying that this is affected since the folder where your theme is hosted will not be modified or overwritten with the updates of the plugin.



Select the Download Manager Theme to Define the Best Option

There are many ways to use WP file download thanks to the different options it offers and how easy it is to use this plugin as well as its variety of themes that can be adapted to the different types of pages that can be found on the internet, in this blog we will teach you how to modify the theme and we will give you some examples of use.

Let’s see how to modify the theme, there are two ways to select the theme:

FIRST: Select a theme for all the categories, this is the setup by default of the plugin, just go to WP file download > Configuration > Main Setting
And be sure that the “Theme per category” option is turned off and select the theme in “Default theme per category” option.




SECOND: Select a theme per category, to select this option just go to WP file download > Configuration > Main Setting and turn on the “Theme per categories” option after it you’ll have an option to change the theme in the right section of each category.



This plugin comes with 4 different themes to select for different cases and here is a list of some of the uses that you can give to each theme:


Default Theme

As we can see in the image it is a very flexible theme in which you can see the big icons that can be personalized in order to show your company logo or a miniature of the image, video or any other type of file that you want to add for the user's convenience and give a brief information about the file or which allows the user in a simple way to see things like the date in which they were added, the times they have been downloaded, among others.



GGD Theme (Google Drive like)

This theme is more stylized, as we can see the subcategories are shown at the top in the form of folders, ideal if you want to create something similar to a portfolio and you have many subcategories since the ways of showing the other categories as a sort folders in a very stylized way all the files and subcategories.



Table Theme

In this theme we can see a more detailed version of all the files, perfect if we have a considerable amount of files that will be updated and we want to show them in a more professional way since it shows us the ordered category and detailed information like the description and the version of each file.



Tree Theme

This is the most compact theme for categories that have many files and subcategories, this is perfect if you have downloadable versions of many songs or you have an album with a large number of images and subcategories. 



As we see only shows us the icon and the title to the first view but we will be able to see all the details just like in the rest of the themes by clicking on the files as we can see in the next image.



As we can see there are very good options when it comes to showing our downloads, but those are not the only ones that this wonderful plugin offers us.


Creating a WP File Download custom theme

Yes, that’s how it sounds you can create a WP file download custom theme in this way there are no excuses for your downloads to be shown according to the theme you are using or for the purpose you want to use it and, best of all, it is really easy.

In order to create the theme go to WP file download > Configuration > Clone Theme here you’ll be able to type the name of your theme and select the theme that you want to clone and click on CLONE.




You’ll be able to see the configuration options in the theme section at the main configuration on WP file download.



And if you have knowledge in programming, you can edit much more the new theme that you have created since a new folder with all the predefined files and functions is going to be created, don't worry about the work you have done in an update being lost because best of all this is that the theme that you have created will not be touched with any of the updates that the plugin may have and if you want to delete the new theme it is really simple, just delete the folder.

The new themes will be stored in wp-content/wp-file-download/themes





You can also control your downloads access with WP File Download!


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As Simple As the best wordpress download manager ever

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