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Why using untrusted website to download our plugins will always be a very bad idea


We have detected that you came here from a website that distribute non official sources of ours extensions and other paid extensions.
As we care about all our users, we want to warn you before you do something you will regret

We see that our plugins are shared in some forums and even worst resold by other companies. Is it worth it using nulled extensions? Well we don't think so. It’s a real problem for many reasons and we want to warn you.


Short answer

  • #1 The plugin will contain a malware and ruin your website
  • #2 You won’t get any support
  • #3 You won’t get any automated update
  • #4 You don’t help developers to continue updating the plugin


Long answer

#1 Untrusted download source are subject to malware

The only source you can trust to download our plugin is our website, all other downloads are not secure and you can’t be sure you are downloading the unmodified and certified extension.

Malicious people will add their own code into our plugin before sharing it. You will not detect it at first but it’s here waiting for the right opportunity.
Most of the time it will inject a backdoor and send all the informations to a distant server to use it later to send spam, mine cryptocurrency, do DDos attacks, install a ransomware…
Once it’s installed the code could be replicated in any folder of your website, making difficult to remove afterwards.

Some club websites claim they have non modified versions of the extension, once again there is no way to know.
Moreover most of the downloads on these websites are sent by users themself and there is no way to check where it has been download from and if it has been modified.


#2 You won’t get any support

Of course we can’t make support for users that have downloaded our extension on a warez website or even worst if they have paid it to another company.

Don’t think neither the website you have downloaded the product from will help you to solve any incompatibility or answer any question. By the way some of them clearly mention it, they are responsible for nothing and you won’t get any refund it it doesn’t work as expected.

Some users had this bad experience, and finally bought a subscription on our website.  We had to help them cleaning the mess in their website before being able to use our legitimate version. But they had to pay twice the price for this mistake, and be sure they won't try again to save few pennies.

You may also spend many hours trying to solve a question while our support team would have answered you how to solve it in few minutes.


#3 You won’t get any automated update

We regularly update our plugins to fix issues and add features. With a subscription at JoomUnited, you can get updates easily.
With your CMS automated updates, you’re website is always at the latest version and you’re sure your website is always working as expected.

You’re not sure to have the latest version when you need it. When WordPress or Joomla is updated our extensions are automatically updated so it works with the latest CMS version.

With non official sources you have to do it manually each time the plugin has an update. This means try to find the new update on the web, if you find it download it, remove the old version, install the new, and surely disinfect your website because of the new malware you have downloaded.


#4 You don’t help developers to continue updating the plugin

Updating all our plugins is a full time job for all of our team. We add features and fix issues, we answer the support and help our customers.
As you, we have bill to pay and we sell our extensions for a living, don’t you think we deserve it?

Also, if you use our extensions you may want it to be updated and continue to use it. A product must be sustainable to be developed over the time. If more and more users don’t want to support the development, the extension will be less updated and finally may be not updated at all anymore.

This is the worst scenario but you get the picture :)



Ask you a simple question Is it worth it? Putting your website and your users at risk, spending your time struggling looking for an an illegal update.

We don’t think so.
That’s why in all our membership you have access to our premium support and you can install the extensions in all your websites, no limitation.

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