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Top 5 Most Powerful Joomla Performance Extensions

Top 5 Most Powerful Joomla Performance Extensions

The loading times are one of the important factors for the success of a website. Not only to enhance the user experience, but it also helps you to reduce bandwidth costs, boost your site ranking in search engines, and improve the experience of visitors.

So, you need the right tools for the job to increase the performance of your website. In this article, we have the top 5 powerful Joomla performance extensions that you add to your site. Let's check them out!

1. Speed Cache

First, we would like to recommend you, Speed Cache. Speed Cache is a powerful Joomla performance extension that comes with some handy tools like the activation for logged-in and logout users, an automatic cache cleaner on specified actions, image compression and progressive loading, auto-index for caching URLs, and more.

It also comes over the Joomla default cache system with a new cache layer, by sending more static content (HTML) therefore reducing the number of database queries. Additionally, you can store the major part of the heavy page resources in the browser cache.

Key Features of Speed Cache:

  • Cache per user
  • The cache can be cleaned automatically on Joomla admin side actions
  • AJAX module loading
  • Cache Pre-Loading
  • Browser cache option
  • Cache inclusion & exclusion by selecting a single URL or rules
  • Auto clean from frontend


  • Comes with a user-friendly interface
  • Offers a wide range of optimization features, ensuring your website is running as efficiently as possible.
  • Regularly update the extension to ensure compatibility with the latest version of Joomla


  • The free version comes with basic features, and the advanced features are only available in the pro version
  • Some users may find the advanced caching and optimization settings in Speed Cache to be overwhelming, especially if they are not familiar with caching concepts

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2. JCH Optimize

Next, we have JHC Optimize. A free Joomla performance extension that provides several front-end optimizations for faster download speeds for your website. It also helps you to improve user experience and increase website traffic and high ranking in search engines.

Moreover, this extension will combine CSS and JavaScript files and background images into a sprite to reduce HTTP requests. JCH Optimize will also reduce your page size and boost your page speed with a couple of different techniques like compressing files with Gzip and removing unnecessary whitespaces from CSS and JavaScript files and the HTML pages.

Key Features of JCH Optimize:

  • Combine javascript/CSS files into one
  • Minifies and gzips aggregated files
  • Combine background images in a sprite
  • Compress and gzip aggregated files
  • Exclude individual files or files from extensions that do not aggregate well
  • Can defer Javascript or place it at the end of the page for optimized download
  • Allows you to have lazy-load images
  • CDN support


  • Enhanced user experience
  • Allows to modify images by setting their height and width
  • Offers six preset automatic settings


  • You need to raise a ticket for support

3. Cache Cleaner

Clearing your cache after making changes to your website is a must. Cache Cleaner will be the best and easiest way to clean your Joomla cache in just one click. It uses Ajax, so you don't need to reload the page either.

There are advanced options that allow you to clear server, Cloudflare, CDN cache, and even third-party cache. In addition, you can also do a Global Check-In, empty the tmp folder, and user-defined folders and database tables from one place with just one click. It includes many useful features to clear the cache keep your Joomla site working error-free and improve the performance.

Key Features of Cache Cleaner:

  • Clean Joomla cache easily and quickly
  • Clear server cache, external CDN cache
  • Drop-dead easy
  • Comes with a one-click option to clean the cache
  • Provides you a link in the administration panel with the help of which you clear the cache
  • The Joomla cache will be deleted automatically


  • Cleaning the server cache is also possible with this Joomla extension
  • Cache Cleaner doesn't involve the reloading of the page
  • You don't have to manually delete the files


  • Cache Cleaner can work on their documentation

4. AdminExile

If you're looking for a highly rated free Joomla performance extension that can stop serious attempts to access your site administrator page, then AdminExile will be a great solution. It directs you to the homepage, 404 error, or somewhere else.

As you know, keeping your website safe and secure is highly important. So, by installing this extension, you will give protection against all administration vulnerabilities.

Key Features of AdminExile:

  • Provides an access key having both key & key value for URL protection
  • Prevents session cookies
  • Responsible for lost/forgotten link recovery
  • Supports the Live data reporting
  • Has IPv4/6 Whitelist & blacklist with CIDR capability


  • Allows you to have form-end restrictions to protect your site
  • It forces you to have a password longer than 8 characters
  • The lost key recovery option is also there


  • You need to enable IP security

5. JSLazyLoading

JSLazyLoading will help you to enhance the performance of your website effectively and improve user experience. So, that's why it's ideal plugin that suitable for your customer-side optimization. This extension is a valuable tool for any Joomla website owner looking to enhance their site's performance.

Moreover, JSLazyLoading also works well with AJAX navigation. You can use this extension for showing high-density pictures in case the density of the device screen is good enough.

Key Features of JSLazyLoading:

  • Supports a lazy load of background images
  • Work with AJAX navigation and dynamic modules
  • Display high-density images
  • Show images dynamically
  • Intended for client-side optimization


  • Faster page load times
  • Can improve overall website performance, particularly on slower connections or devices
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Can have positive effects on SEO, such as search engine rankings


  • Potential for script errors
  • For users unfamiliar with web development concepts like lazy loading and script optimization, configuring JSLazyLoading settings may be challenging
  • Compatibility issues


You've just got an overview of the best Joomla performance extensions to speed up your website. Even though speed is one of the main things that you have to worry about, but Joomla extension are not only about speed. They're made to improve every aspect of website functionally.

So, make sure you pick the right ones and make your website stand out from the crowd. Got some more extensions in mind? Feel free to mention them in the comments below.

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