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Livening Up Your WordPress Media Library


Folders are at the heart of organization, and as your WordPress blog grows, so does the inevitable need for organization. Whether you are looking to have media files at the ready, or you want a tidy workplace, your WordPress media library is the one area that cannot be in disarray. WP Media Folder's latest update is a treat for those who cannot stand a disorganized media library, with a focus on directories and folder management.



Eye-Candy Material Design

The latest update to WP Media Folder brings one of the most popular design paradigms of recent years to your WordPress site - Material design. Material design can be enabled with the flick of a switch from the WordPress plugin’s settings page, and the effects are resounding. However, if the Material design is not to your liking, it is always possible to switch back to the classic design from your settings page.

With the latest design update, your WordPress media library is transformed into a clean workbench with minimal intrusions. Beyond the eye-candy, Material design serves greater purposes in your WordPress media hub; among other possibilities, it paves the way to new methods of organizing and locating folders.



Picture yourself seeking an image or a folder. Reading through a whole list of directories to locate what you are looking for can be counterproductive to your needs. This calls for new ways how to label directories - new ways how to navigate your media library.

Color-coding can be an efficient way how to tag and traverse your library. Incidentally, this is facilitated by the introduction of Material design, and it is therefore one of the newest additions in WP Media Folder.

In the WordPress plugin, color-coding takes the form of colorful icons right next to the folder name. A simple system, it can be used to draw your attention to certain folders if, for example, you use colors to differentiate between categories. How do you color-code a folder, though?



The ability to change the color of a folder is nestled in a brand new right-click menu; simply right-click on a directory, select the change color option and pick a new shade for your folder. WP Media Folder offers a selection of shades for your folders, but you can enforce your brand’s palette by using custom colors right beneath the default range. Right next to it, the cross button can be used to remove colors.

As you will probably have noticed by now, there is more to the right-click menu than colors. In the Material design theme, the renaming and deletion options for folders are accessible from this menu, representing a more intuitive way to manage your directories.



The right-click menu is not only native to directories. A similar implementation has been introduced for media, including options such as instant duplication of images and files, quick file replacement and renaming, among others.


Media Folder Management

Sometimes, WP Media Folder’s sorting options just are not enough. While sometimes, sorting files according to their filename is intuitive, a different ordering may be more in line with your WordPress website’s needs. For instance, you might want to place directories that you use the most in the front of the list, regardless of their name.

WP Media Folder 4.4 caters to this possibility with a new, custom ordering. Custom ordering can be enabled from the sorting/filtering menu under the sort folder sub-menu. With this option selected, you can drag and drop folders to your heart’s content. If you change your mind, choose a different ordering scheme to override your changes.



Still, navigating across many folders can turn out to be a chore as the directory structure grows ever the more elaborate. Sometimes simplicity is key, and with this backdrop WP Media Folder is introducing a bolstered directory tree.

The directory tree boasts various features that help you navigate and manage folders with ease. For starters, it supports full drag-and-drop functionality, allowing effortless changes to the hierarchy, such as moving one folder into another directory. Furthermore, folders can be renamed by double-clicking on them.

We have also injected the directory tree with intelligence for those times when you have to run, or when another task captures your attention while managing your media folders. In these cases, the directory tree will remember the state of folders - whether opened or closed - and restore them later as if you never left.



Finally, most likely we have all experienced the struggle of being unable to locate the media that we need. Whereas it may ordinarily not be a calamitous problem, it is counter-productive, especially if you’re racing against the clock. This is why the latest introduction to WP Media Folder is a new case-sensitive search atop the directory tree that brings you the folders that you need right to your fingertips.

WP Media Folder’s latest update brings liveliness to your WordPress media library, but above all it prioritizes cleanliness and organization - two things that can help your productivity soar. So if you find yourself struggling to locate your media, let WP Media Folder bring it closer to you.

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Wednesday, January 26 2022

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