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Improved search engines and categories for WordPress files


Getting started with WP File Download is easy, but it's also easy to let your WordPress files overrun you. Whether you have a large blog or a small one, you cannot but wish for a good, flexible file manager. Luckily, WP File Download has just received a new update that makes it much easier to handle files.

Version 5.5 of WP File Download has added features in many different areas: file search engines have become far more powerful, categories are far more flexible, and the WordPress plugin now lets you customize version control. Let's dive in!

Improved WordPress file search engine

Having a large number of files does not only make it difficult for you to navigate them. Your users too will find it more difficult to find files. They might find it even more difficult than you do—you know your own WordPress blog much better than your readers. WP File Download's search engines make the problem somewhat easier. 

Creating search engines is incredibly straightforward. You can create search engines from WP File Download's configuration, from the shortcodes tab. Simply configure your search engine and copy the shortcode, the last field. Paste the shortcode in any post or page to display the search engine on the frontend. 

With WP File Download's search engines, your users can look for files using simple keywords. Before, the search engine supported only one keyword per search. While such a search narrows down results, sometimes you know exactly what file you need, and that file includes several keywords.

The new version lets you search for multiple keywords at once. All you have to do is use the search engine as you normally would, but this time, type several keywords rather than limiting yourself to just one. 

And while you test the search engine, you will also probably notice a brand new, green button next to files. Search engines now support file downloads. In other words, when you search for a WordPress file, with one or more keywords, you can download it from the search engine itself. 

File category themes 

The second major change in WP File Download 5.5 involves file categories. More specifically, WP File Download now provides more options to customize file categories and their themes. All new options reside in the category settings, which you can access by right-clicking on a category. 

If you scroll down in the category settings, you can customize the background color for each category. Clicking on the background color field shows a color picker, or you can type the color yourself using hex notation (such as #FF0000), RGB (such as RGB(255, 0, 0)) or RGBA (such as RGBA(255, 0, 0, 1)). WP File Download's category backgrounds support transparency.

 Just above, you can also choose the position of the folder tree. The folder tree lets your users navigate categories, and its position greatly influences its usability. You can put it at the top or on the left to give high visibility to the category tree, or you can put it on the right or bottom, or even remove it altogether, to reduce its prominence.

Elsewhere too, WP File Download 5.5 has new features. In the WordPress plugin's main configuration, for example, you can now enable file auto version. This option adds a suffix to files after you upload new versions. For example, if you use the pattern {filename}-revision-##, an updated version of a file called image would be called image-revision-02.

Managing WordPress files is important, but it is even more important that they are easily-accessible and well-presented. WP File Download 5.5 facilitates both. With the updated search engine, your files lie ever-closer, and with the updated categories, you can present your files your own way.

Do you need an easier way to manage files on WordPress? Check out WP File Download here

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