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How to Create Exam with a Certificate in WordPress


Creating and conducting exams have always been an inseparable part of education. Today, exams are conducted both offline and online, but with the development of technologies, the use of online exams has become more preferable and beneficial. In this blog post, you will learn about the importance of online exams and exam certification. Moreover, you will learn how to create an online exam with a certificate in WordPress with a step-by-step guide. 

Why You Should Create Online Exams?

Today education is mainly shifting to online platforms, and this empowers exam creators and takers with many different opportunities. Exams that are conducted offline and those conducted online differ from each other. The answer to the question of which one is more efficient is obvious. Nowadays, tutors prefer to make use of online learning and online examinations, as it is more beneficial in many terms. With good tools, such as the WordPress quiz plugin, you can create your online exams from scratch.  

Online examination has u raw of benefits, that make it worthy to use in the educational system. To firmly understand why you should create and conduct online exams, let's mention some reasons that make online exams preferable and convenient for both students and tutors.

  • Availability

Exams that are conducted on online platforms are convenient as they are available for all exam takers anywhere and anytime. This characteristic makes online exams convenient, as the students who can't participate in the examination physically, still can take it online. Online education and examination generally make the education of disabled students possible and more convenient, thus encouraging them to study.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Another reason why you should create and conduct online exams instead of offline exams is that online examinations are more cost-effective. The money spent on the organization of offline exams is much more than the money spent on online exams. You can create exams and save money simultaneously.

  • Quicker to conduct

Online examination is beneficial in terms of being fast to create and conduct. With the help of the right tools, you can create and conduct exams faster and get better results. First of all, creating an online exam is not difficult, to conduct one all you need is the perfect tool and Internet connection.

  • Immediate feedback

Another reason why online exams are preferable is that they provide immediate feedback on results. The exam takers can see their score and their mistakes immediately after finishing the exam. First of all, this makes the examination process fair and transparent. Students get their results the moment they submit, so they still remember the questions and are still under the impression of the exam.

  • Time and energy-saving

Finally, when you create and conduct online exams, you save a lot of time and energy, as you don't have to check all the answers and spend time spotting the mistakes and marking the students. Everything is automated and fast, the results are checked by the exam tool and the students are marked according to their exam score. 

Thus, the reasons why you should create online exams are many and valid. Online examination is beneficial for creators and users, it facilitates the whole examination and avoids manual work and additional time spent on checking and marking the students. Making use of online exam tools will simplify your job even more, as with the help of good exam makers you can easily deal with new technologies and avoid facing issues. 

The Importance of Certification in Exam

Having an exam that provides certification to its takers is quite beneficial. The importance of certification may not be obvious at first sight, but certification has many benefits for the exam creators and takers as well. When you create an exam for your students, you should consider the fact that some of them do need certification in the end. You may question why providing a certificate at the end of the exam is so important, well, to answer this question we provide a list of reasons that make the certification after an exam so important.

  • Credibility boost

The exams that provide certification after completion are more credible, especially when the students or exam takers have to pass the exact fixed score to get a certificate. This not only adds to the credibility of the exam but also boosts the credibility of the exam takers who overcome the fixed score and pass the exam. Later, in job applications, certification can play an important role, as those who are certified are more credible in the eyes of employers.

  • Knowledge validation

Certification is a sort of knowledge validation. It shows that the exam takers have overcome the exam questions and earned the certification. Thus, their knowledge is valid and checked. This is also an indicator of later achievements in the job applications, as their knowledge will be considered valid due to the certification.

  • Advantage over others

Providing a certificate to your exam takers gives you an advantage over other exam creators, as already mentioned, people find the exams that provide certification credible and more valid. Certification, on the other hand, not only gives an advantage to the exam in the eyes of exam takers but also the students that are certified have an advantage over others in the eyes of employers. Thus, having a certified exam is a win-win situation.

  • Increased motivation

When an exam provides a certification to the participants, it boosts the motivation of learners. Certification is a sort of proof of knowledge for exam takers, thus they will be motivated to perform better and pass the exam, or reach the required score to get the certification. The desire to earn the certificate of completion of the exam will motivate the exam takers to perform the best they can.

  • Feeling of achievement

Another reason to provide certification after the exam is that those who earn the certificate will have the feeling of achievement. Exam takers will prefer to take exams that provide certification, so they can feel the achievement. Meanwhile, this eagerness will motivate them to pass the exam.

Hence, providing a certification after the exam is important, as it is beneficial for both the exam creator and exam takers. 

How to Create Exam with Certificate in WordPressEnter heading here...

Now, that you have a complete understanding of online exams and the importance of exam certification, to create your exam with a certificate you need a tool that will allow you to create a high-quality exam with certification. The WordPress quiz plugin will help you create an exam with different types of questions and customizable design, additionally, you will be able to send certificates to the exam takers who passed it successfully. Let's say you want to create an English exam and send certificates at the end of the exam.

1. To create your online exam with certification, first of all, install and activate the WordPress quiz plugin. After that, you will be able to start creating your first exam.

2. Go to Questions > Add New, to create your first exam.

3. You can choose the type of question, such as checkbox, ratio, matching, etc., and type your questions. 

4. Then go to Quizzes > Add New > Insert questions, and import your created questions into the quiz.

5. Add a title to the exam, you can also add an image to your exam.

6. You can customize the design of your exam the way you like.

7. To add a certificate to your exam, go to the E-mail and Certificate tab > enable Send certificate to user > customize the certificate with a variety of tools.

8. You can type the Certificate pass score for the users, and choose whether to measure by points or percentages.

Thus, following the steps above, you can create your exam and provide a certificate at the end of the examination. With the help of the WordPress quiz plugin, you can provide your exam takers with the best experience and valid certification. It is easy to create an exam that the students will choose to take and have the best experience. 


To conclude, we can state that online examinations are quite preferable and beneficial for exam organizers and exam takers. Online exams provide users with various tools and opportunities for a better experience. Online exams help you save time and energy while achieving better results. One of the opportunities online exam tools provide is the opportunity to earn a certification. Above, we have already discussed the importance of exam certification and stated why one should provide certification in their examination. Hence, with the help of a good WordPress plugin, you can easily create an exam with a certificate in WordPress. 

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