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How to create a Joomla pricing table with Droptables


A pricing table is, basically, one of the most important things when we want to show a customer or user the plans and options that are offered on our website, and it could be really difficult to create and, many times, a developer could be needed but no worries! Droptables is here to help us. 

Droptables offer many tools and options to customize our tables, convert them into the best pricing table, and also make it fit our site! We'll be able to show our users all the services we offer in the best and easiest way possible :)

Attention Joomla webmasters!

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 Create a Joomla pricing table in seconds

In this section of the post, we are going to see how easy is to create a pricing table using Droptables and Joomla 4 using the templates available in the table options.

First of all, we need to go to the Droptables dashboard, for this, go to Components > Droptables.

In this section, we are going to be able to see the dashboard where we can create our first table, for this, click on + Create New.

This will show a dropdown where we can create a category, a table from the database, and a table, for this tutorial we are going to select Table.

The next pop-up is to set our table name, for this we will call it Pricing Table.

If everything goes right, we will see the table available in the right section of the dashboard now, click on it to access the table.

For the first step, as we want to create a quick table, click on Theme > Theme Selection.

On the themes available, we have 3 pricing tables so many options that could adjust to your specific case, we will select the orange pricing table.

A warning will appear letting you know that after selecting a theme, all the current data and styles in your table will be removed so if you want to use a theme, you should do it as the first step.

If you want to proceed, click on ok, and the table will be created automatically.

And magic is done! The price table is created in just a few seconds! Awesome! Isn't it?

Of course, it is a generic price table and we may need to customize it further, and it's totally possible! All you need to do is click on the cell and start editing it, you will be able to edit it easily by typing what you need and using the available tools for the edition(like Excel, and Google sheets ;) ).

That's the edition available per cell but what about if we want to remove or add an extra column/row? Easy! Do a right-click on the number of the column/row where you want to insert/remove the cell and you will get the options, let's see the Remove option.

Now let's see the Insert option.

As easy as using a normal table manager with all the customization options available but directly in your Joomla dashboard.

Now let's say we want to add/edit buttons like the "Add to cart" ones in the current pricing table or any other element, that's easy too! Click 2 times the cell and the HTML editor available on your Article will appear where you can use more tools to insert elements and add HTML as well.

The options are just unlimited!

Editing a table to make it available on your site hasn't been as easy as now.

Insert your table in your Joomla article 

Now that we have created our pricing table, all we need to do is insert it into our content, in this case, we will see how to insert it directly into an article.

And this is easier than creating the table so if creating a table was already easy, it is just almost instantly :)

First, of all you need to go to the Article where you want to add it and find the Droptable button under the CMS Content section.

This will open the Droptables dashboard in a pop-up where we can create a new table, edit it and use the component like if you are in the normal dashboard.

In order to insert the table, select the table that we want to add and then, click on Insert This Table

A section will load letting you know that the table was added successfully.

Now all you need to do is publish your article, and done! All magic is done ;)

Just a few minutes to create and customize our pricing table as much as needed!

Calling all Joomla webmasters!

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 Use the best Joomla table manager to show your data

Tables are, usually, an important part of the websites as these are used to show the important data, and Droptables offer you a lot of options to make the work easier and add your tables making them look really professional, with tools like import data and styles from Excel or Google Sheets, connect your tables with your database and many other awesome features!

What are you waiting for? Go here and get your own extension ;)

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