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Fill DIVI meta information and optimize SEO from frontend


 If you are using a Page Builder like Divi and you want to optimize your SEO directly in the frontend, keep reading, this is your post!

The SEO of a website could be one of the most important (to not say the most) things to work on, as this is what will allow the search engines like Google or Yahoo how to show your site and if it is a good site to show in the first place of a search.

We may need to edit the meta information, like description, and title, and check things like the keywords used in our page or post to allow our site to be shown correctly in the search engines and try to be in the first place in all possible search keyword combinations.

In this post, we will learn how to improve our SEO using the Divi frontend page builder and WP Meta SEO.

Start improving your SEO directly from the Divi frontend builder

In order to be able to follow this post, keep in mind that you will need to have installed WP Meta SEO and the Divi builder.

Now that we have everything we need installed, all we need to do is go to the page where we want to improve the SEO and edit with Divi, at the left of the bottom options from Divi(the 3 dots) you will see a graphic icon, click on it.

This will open a left-side panel with all the meta information with statistics as well. 

In the first section under the SEO Page Optimization, we will see the Meta information option where we can add the meta title and meta description, both fields with a suggested amount of characters for a good SEO.

We also have many variables that will help us to create dynamic meta titles and meta descriptions based on our content:

%title%, %date%, %id%, %sitename%, %sitedesc%, %pagetotal%, %pagenumber%, %page%, %currenttime%, %currentdate%, %currentday%, %currentmonth%, %currentyear%

Really helpful when your content changes constantly or you don't have time to completely fill the meta information.

In the next section we can add the keywords that you want to use in your site, basically, the keywords that when being added to a search engine, your site should be displayed, for example, if your page is about dogs, the word "dog" could be a good keyword.

All the keywords added in this section will be added as well to the SEO checker that is below the keywords.

The SEO Checker will help you to find out why your site is not being indexed correctly and where are the issues in our site SEO with the suggestions as well.

As you can see, this is a complete set of tools that will allow you to get your site SEO to the max level!

The best part is that everything is with the builder so you won't need to reload pages nor go back and check another page in order to verify the SEO and check if it is okay, everything, page edition, and SEO improvement at the same time!

 Social SEO improve in Divi

As always, it is not all! 

We also have the option to improve our "Social SEO" by editing the meta information/appearance that will be sent to social apps like Facebook, and Twitter

First of all, you will have the Facebook section, where you can add:

Facebook Title: The title that will be shown in the preview of a Facebook Sharing.

Facebook Description: The description of the preview for Facebook Sharing.

Facebook Image: The image that will be shown if the page is shared on Facebook.

After this, we will have the Twitter section where we will find the following:

Twitter Title: The title that will be shown in the preview for the page in a tweet.

Twitter Description: The description of the preview for the page on tweets.

Twitter Image: The image that will be shown if the page is shared on Twitter.

When doing this, our URL won't look like "just an URL" as it will have its own title, description, and image and our users will be able to find quickly what is our page about and what could they find there.

Really useful when running social media campaigns or just when you want to share your pages/posts in your social apps.

WordPress SEO directly from Divi

As you can see WP Meta SEO and Divi are an awesome combination when talking about SEO but it's not all WP Meta SEO offers, there are many other tools like Bulk SEO editor to edit all the site SEO from all your pages in just one page and a Search Console integration to improves your SEO experience to the max level!

What are you waiting for? Go here to get your own copy and check more details regarding this awesome integration!

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