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Discover the new feature of WP File Download and WooCommerce


WP File Download introduces a really good new feature that will allow you to create products even faster than how it was before by just pressing a button! 

Using WP File Download and WooCommerce is already one of the best combinations to sell digital products in our store as there is an integration that allows you to connect both plugins and use WP File Download to organize, customize, and edit your files while you can use the entire WooCommerce system for payments, orders and products customizations.

In this post, we will see how to use this feature and how easy it is to create a downloadable product using WP File Download.

 Create a WordPress WooCommerce downloadable product really quick

In order to follow this tutorial and be able to create downloadable products really quickly, we need to have installed WP File Download with its addon and WooCommerce.

Once all these tools are installed and you have uploaded files to your WP File Download Categories, we can start creating products, and the process will be really easy! For this go to WP File Download > WP File Download.

In this dashboard, you should be able to see all your available downloads, in order to create a product, go to the file and do a right-click, and you will notice a new option Create Woo Product.

This will show a pop-up where you can add your product general details, the title, SKU, Price, and if you want to add it to a category.

You can add your product details and finally, click on SAVE, a small box will appear when the product is created with the option to edit the product, you can click on Edit Product and it will redirect to the product page.

Now, on the product page, we can scroll down to the Product Data box and select the WP File Download tab, you will be able to edit all the options that are related to the downloadable product.

But could be difficult if we want to add a group of downloadable files, like a downloads pack, right? The answer is no :) as it is as easy as selecting the files and then, clicking on Create Woo Product, the only difference would be that we need to select the files first.

Select the products by clicking on Ctrl + left-click, and then click on Create Woo Product, the pop-up will load with the files on the left side.

And if you go to Edit Product and scroll down to the Product Data box, then click on WP File Download, you will see the selected files.

And looks like magic! Doesn't it? As you can see, now we can create products really quickly in just a few clicks.

 Start selling your downloads in the easiest way

Now we know how to create a product based on the downloadable files and all we need is 3 clicks! :) It has never been so easy to create a product and it is not all as you can create files directly from external resources and connect your site to a cloud service like Google Drive to save your server storage, and many other things like fully customize the dashboard of files where these will be available to download, go here and learn more.

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Saturday, November 26 2022

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