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Connect Joomla With Google Drive!


There are few easier ways to manage files than Google Drive. Nonetheless, whereas Google Drive makes it easy for teams to share files, most of the blogging action happens on Joomla. Dropfiles is JoomUnited’s answer to manage all your Google Drive files directly from your Joomla blog.

Dropfiles is primarily a file manager for Joomla, but one that is aware that sometimes, it is far easier to host files away from your blog. In light of this, Dropfiles comes with complete integration of Google Drive, allowing you to manage your cloud files from Joomla, and your Joomla files from Google Drive.


Creating the Google Drive & Joomla Integration

Google Drive integration on your Joomla blog starts off with a one-time setup that involves creating a Google application from Google’s developer console. You need to choose a name for the application and possibly enable the Google Drive API if this is your first set-up.



Then, create a new set of OAuth credentials; you might need to visit the configure consent screen to set a product name. Regardless, you will end up creating a new client ID, which represents your Joomla website. Three settings are most important:


Firstly, select the web application type and provide a name. Secondly, set the authorized JavaScript origin to your website address, excluding www. The third and final directive is to set the authorized redirect URIs as shown, adding the following string to your domain name: /administrator/index.php?option=com_dropfiles&task=googledrive.authenticate. Then you'll get your credentials.



This step will complete the Google Drive setup, giving you a client ID and secret that go into the cloud connection configuration tab on Joomla. Update your credentials, save and then click on the connect button to integrate Google Drive with your Joomla blog. It’s that simple!



Using Joomla’s Google Drive File Manager

What does it mean to use Google Drive right in Joomla? When you establish this connection in Joomla, Google Drive creates a root folder with your blog’s name. On your Joomla website, DropFiles lets you create a new type of category - a new Google Drive folder - that is hosted in this root folder on Google Drive.



Everything else works exactly as before, only this time, Dropfiles becomes a Google Drive file manager hosted on your Joomla blog. This integration also comes with the added perks that the files reside on Google Drive, but Dropfiles does so without taking away any of your control.



Google Drive Automatic Synchronization

In fact, Dropfiles handles all synchronization for you. The Joomla file manager listens to changes in your files and reacts accordingly. On top of handling file creation and deletion, the Joomla file manager synchronizes changes to both files and folders.

Dropfiles supports all kinds of files, for which it synchronizes names, descriptions, and creation and update dates with Google Drive. The Joomla extension also synchronizes the Joomla categories, analogous to Google Drive subfolders, whenever you create new ones, or if you move, rename or delete them. 


Moreover, Dropfiles’ synchronization works in both ways - if you make a change on Google Drive, it will be reflected on Joomla, and vice versa. These changes also display on your desktop if you use Google Drive with your local file manager.

Having all your files in one place is often desirable, even if that means storing them away from Joomla. Thanks to Dropfiles, you can transform your blog into a remote file or download manager, bringing all the features of Google Drive to Joomla.


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