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An Advanced Gutenberg Table Block


The new Gutenberg editor has a lot of tools that really help when we talk about making a post with our Wordpress site and it is thanks to the using of “Blocks” that you can handle in a really easier way, but maybe there are not enough blocks in the default Gutenberg editor to create an e-commerce, for example, a really great idea could be a Gutenberg table block to create a price table for the services that you provide and we have good news… It is totally possible with Advanced Gutenberg.


Enhancement For The Wordpress Editor

Advanced Gutenberg is an enhancement of the current WordPress Gutenberg block editor, it allows you to add more functionalities and blocks to the default Gutenberg editor, it also gives you the ability to filter the blocks available that your users can use per user role or even per user by creating “Gutenberg profiles”.

These Advanced Blocks really help when we’re creating posts or page for our WordPress site, for example, if we’re creating an e-commerce, there is an advanced block for woocommerce products, you can also create a price table with the Advanced Table Block which has a lot of functions that allows you to customize almost all the things in your table to make it compatible with your theme, the possibilities are unlimited with these tables.




Creating An Advanced Gutenberg Price Table

For this example, we are going to see how easy and customizable is the creation of a Gutenberg price tale with this awesome Gutenberg enhancement plugin, we will also see how to choose the users that can use this block.

Let’s start with the profiles, in order to create a new profile, we are going to go to the Adv. Gutenberg section in your WordPress dashboard and click on  New Profile, in the menu, we are going to be able to select the title for the profile and the options that will be available for the users(blocks, layout elements, formatting settings, widgets, elements, reusable blocks, and Advanced Gutenberg blocks).




Now go to the profile attribution section we can select users who will use this profile, either by role or by user.




Finally, click on Save and the profile will be created.

Since we create a profile to allow users to use only the blocks we want them to use, we can continue with the example to create the price table, now go to Post/Page>Add New and click on + and select the Advanced Table block.




Select the Column, row count and alignment, after it, click on Create, we’re going to create a simple price table with their button to the product and we’re going to select a 3x3 table.




In the right section are all the options that we have available to customize our price table, we can customize the size, the color of the cells, the color of the text and the edges, among other things we can choose.




We can select to hide some of the border lines.




Tip: you can customize some of the cells by clicking ctrl+the cells.

If you want to add more cells you can do it by clicking on the Edit table option at the top of your table.




But many other table editors do not allow you to add more than just text, this is not the case with our table editor with which you can create link cells, just select the cell and click on the link icon in the top of the table, it will open a link box where you can type the link that you want.




You will be able to edit the text for the link.



Finally, click on Publish you’ll be able to see your price table in your post/page.




And so easy we made a comparative table with links on our WordPress site in a very fast way and without using code or other plugins, only advanced Gutenberg.

Comparative tables are one of the best tools at the moment of showing something to the public, since, in them they can appreciate in detail all the most important data of the products that is being offered or of the information that is being given, of course this not only applies to e-commerce but also for pages of all kinds that want to capture the attention of people due to the ease of understanding things with the use of these tables.


A Free Gutenberg Plugin for the WordPress Community

The advantage is that Advanced Gutenberg not only helps you create these tables that as we saw earlier are very useful, but it has many other blocks that can be used to make things easier for you and save you a lot of time but that's not the best, the best everything is that this is a totally FREE plugin and you can get it by following this link:

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Monday, 09 December 2019

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