WP Latest posts documentation


WP latest posts is a WordPress extension used to display your latest content in a smart way.
Note: This support is containing information about free and commercial versions. So it may include feature you won’t have access in the free version.


Main advantages:

  • Unlimited WP latest posts instance
  • Insert news blocks in editor from button
  • Display as a widget
  • Select number of  columns and pages
  • Slider effect + 5 themes
  • Order content in each block with AJAX
  • Automatic animation
  • Automatic content crop... and more!



1.1 Install

WP Latest posts is composed of a free version, available on the plugin directory, and a paid one, an addon that contains additional themes and configuration.

Install the free version

In order to install our plugin, you should use standard WordPress installer or unzip and put everything in the folder in /wp-content/plugin.

The free version is available on the plugin directory and can be installed through the WordPress admin.



Install the pro addon

The pro addon needs to be purchased and downloaded on JoomUnited. To install, download the zip package from your account (My account menu) and install it using the zip uploader: Plugin > Add new > Upload plugin.

Then click on activate plugin, to see LATEST POSTS menu appear on the WordPress left menu.



1.2 Update the plugin

In order to update the WP Latest posts, you need use the WordPress default updater. For the free plugin it’s automatic like any other WordPress free plugin. Click on update and you’re done. You can also remove and install the new version. In any case you won’t lose any content because everything is database stored.




Be sure to always have the latest version and addon package. You need to update both. To update the paid version, you need to login to your JoomUnited account from the WordPress settings: Settings > General



Then use your JoomUnited account login and password. After a successful login the button turns to blue with a text “Disconnect my JoomUnited account”



Then finally, you can update all the JoomUnited commercial plugins from the WordPress standard updated.


NOTE: The PRO ADDON require to be updated along with the plugin itself, this is mandatory to maintain stability with all the WordPress core updates (like any plugin).



The main idea of WP Latest posts is to display your content the way you want using instance of the plugin in widget or in editor. WP Latest posts works on every WordPress WYSIWYG editor, for example you can use it in post and pages.


2.1 Add a WP Latest posts instance

When WP Latest posts is installed you have a left menu entry that allows you to add new instance of a news block. Click Add new to generate a new instance.



The interface of WP Latest posts will be loaded and will helps you to configure:

  • The content source
  • The display
  • The image source
  • Advanced parameters


2.2 Content source configuration

Add a title and we can start the configuration. The configuration is divided in tabs.



The content source helps to choose the content you want to load in the news instance. You have the possibility to load:

  • WordPress posts from a selection of categories
  • Select individual pages
  • Select post tags
  • Load content from custom post type with taxonomy


The custom post type selection will activate a dropdown list where you can select:

  • The custom post type
  • The custom post type taxonomy (not mandatory, if available)
  • The custom post type term or category (not mandatory, if available)


Here's an example in WooCommerce



An ordering can be also defined for each content source.


Note that in the PRO version you will have more option like date filter



The Order by is a parameter to setup how the news by:

  • Date of content publication
  • Title (alphabetical)
  • Random order



2.3 Display and default theme

The display and theme tabs will offer options to set how your content will be displayed in this instance.



Show title will add/remove the news instance title.

Number of page with post will add a pagination depending of the content number you have and the theme you’ve chosen; this is the same for the columns. For example, if you are loading 10 posts from a category with 2 columns and limited to 3 pages here’s what you’ll get:




In this example there’s only 10 articles because the page number is limited to 2. You have also a possibility to add a limit on the element number.


Depending of the theme, some parameter may be set automatically. Example, for the smooth slider you can’t set the column number, its automatic depending of the width available.

In default theme, you now can customize Read more button, Overlay image and Arrows color


The crop option will cut your content adding a read more (eventually). You can crop your content using lines (in css), number of words or chars. The animation setting helps you to configure if the slide effect will be enable by default or not.



The theme part helps you to define a theme that will be applied on this news instance, you have a preview bellow.



In the default theme you can use item configuration block to add/remove some.


In the Grid and Category grid themes, you got an additional option to load more posts in AJAX.



2.4 Image source configuration

The image source configuration is about what and how to load image. You can define to load the featured image or the first article image detected in your content and the thumbnail size. The 3 default WordPress size are available.

A crop feature is also available to make image fit exactly the size you want. A margin value can be applied on each image to prevent text going over images.



2.5 Advanced parameters

The advanced parameters are used to set the date format, override the read more text or set a default image in case there’s no image in your content. A custom CSS field is also available to apply custom CSS on the news block. The <php> shortcode allows you to add your news instance inside a page layout for example.






With WP Latest posts addon you got additional themes.


3.1 Category grid theme

The category grid theme is a masonry wall (nested news wall) with an effect on hover that take the custom post type of your post. Example, like in the following image it’s an image post type.



In this theme, you won’t be able to select the number of pages, the pagination, the animation and the content block position, for display reason and to be fully mobile compatible it’s automatic.


3.2 Grid theme

The Grid theme is a masonry wall like the category grid theme (nested news wall). The main difference will be the hover effect and that you’ll have the “read more” and the date displayed.



In this theme, you won’t be able to select the number of pages, the pagination, the animation and the content block position, for display reason and to be fully mobile compatible it’s automatic.


3.3 Smooth hover theme

The smooth hover theme is an automatic slider theme


In this theme, you won’t be able to select the number of pages, columns, the pagination, the animation and the content block position, for display reason and to be fully mobile compatible it’s automatic.


3.4 The timeline theme

The time line theme is a theme to display your latest content with a time line view.




In this theme, you won’t be able to select the number of pages, columns, the pagination, the animation and the content block position, for display reason and to be fully mobile compatible it’s automatic.



4.1 Adding in an editor

To add the instance you’ve previously configured open a post or a page or any editor. You will get a new button dedicated to WP Latest posts. The button will load the WP Latest posts instance you have and allows you to add one in your content.




When a new instance is added it will be materilized with a block in your content



4.2 Adding a widget

WP latest posts can also be displayed as a widget. In your widget manager you should see a widget called WP latest posts Widget. Use it!



The widget use is quite simple, just select the instance to be loaded.

Enjoy !