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Advanced Gutenberg is a free plugin that gives more control over the WordPress block editor. Advanced Gutenberg got the largest block library and features: filter the blocks available per user role, or even per user, a table manager block, an accordion and tab blocks, a contact form block and many more! 


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Users, User Roles and Access Control to Gutenberg Blocks

Users, User Roles and Access Control to Gutenberg Blocks

Advanced Gutenberg offers a unique experience for each content creator. You have the possibility to:

  • Create several user profiles
  • Activate / Disable some of the editor tools
  • Apply profiles to one or several users or user roles

Gutenberg Column Manager

Manage complex layouts with up to 6 columns per row, define column style settings and responsive adaptation, including

  • Predefined responsive columns
  • Transform column layout after creation
  • Responsive options per column, per device
  • Global width and Gutenberg single column width
Gutenberg Column Manager
Latest Posts and WooCommerce Products

Latest Posts and WooCommerce Products

Advanced Gutenberg comes with a block to display your latest posts (Classic editor or Gutenberg format) and your latest WooCommerce products. Several layouts are included like post/product grid, blog format, slider format. Content filters and options available are:

  • Category selection
  • Number of post/products
  • Column number
  • Use first text or excerpt as intro
  • Order by date, price, rating, popular

Gutenberg Gallery Enhancement

Advanced Gutenberg comes with the default WordPress gallery manager enhancement:

  • Add a lightbox to gallery images
  • Display image captions
  • Gallery image navigation
Gutenberg Gallery Enhancement
Gutenberg Content Blocks

Gutenberg Content Blocks

Several Blocks are enhanced using Advanced Gutenberg:

  • Summary: Generate an automatic summary based on Gutenberg's content title structure
  • Advanced Button block: Create buttons with more styles (hover, border, padding...)
  • Advanced List block: Create lists with custom icon, icon color, margin...
  • Advanced separator with type, color, width

Advanced Image and Video Blocks

Images and videos represent some of the most important content on websites, and our new blocks allows you advanced control over these media types display:

  • Video Block: display remote or local video with customizable player
  • Video Block: tons of display options, including image previews, lightbox and video HTML5 preloading
  • Advanced Image block: get more controls over your images and banners with hover text and more
Advanced Image and Video Blocks
Email and Contact Form Blocks

Email and Contact Form Blocks

A quick contact form is available, get customer Email contact notification in no time with this block. The Email Opt in block save your future customers email for your marketing operations. Both blocks include:

  • A database input registration with .csv and json export
  • A Google recaptcha spam prevention
  • Vertical and horizontal display

Gutenberg Accordion Block

Display content in a smart way using accordions. Each accordion is considered as a container and you can load any block in it. All    accordions can be visually edited like any text and you retain control over colors and design from the Gutenberg block settings.

Gutenberg Accordions and Tabs Made Easy
Gutenberg Blocks with Design

Gutenberg Tabs Block

Display content in minimum of space using tabs. Each tab is considered as a container and you can load any block in it. Furthermore you've got options for horizontal, vertical display and many styling options.

Gutenberg Info Box and Icon Blocks

Load information block including icon, title and text with custom styles. The icon box on it's side, allows up to 10 icons per line to select and customize from the Google material font icons.

Gutenberg Accordions and Tabs Made Easy
Gutenberg Blocks with Design

Gutenberg Blocks to Display your Content with Design

Several new content block will be added to Gutenberg, including:

  • Map block: Display a Google Map with a custom icon, tooltip and description
  • Testimonial block: clients testimonials with columns or as slider
  • Counter (count up) with symbols: present your statistics in a fancy way

Login & Register Gutenberg Block

The login and register block offers the possibility to load a WordPress login or register form in Gutenberg. You can also setup a redirect URL after login and customize all the design.
Login & register Gutenberg Block
Custom Style for Blocks

Custom Style for Blocks

Advanced Gutenberg has a dedicated tool to create custom CSS styles and make them available to end users. As a webdesigner, create your own style to fit your WordPress theme, name it and let the content editors use it when they need it.

The Advanced Gutenberg Plugin in Video

Supercharge the Gutenberg editor with very useful block and design

Advanced Gutenberg Block List

- 25+ additional blocks included in the plugin -

Advanced columns

Get a better Gutenberg column manager with advanced responsive settings

Advanced table

Manage HTML tables with many cell options including merge, split, align, colors...

Recent posts block

Display the WordPress recent posts as grid, lines with many filtering options

Advanced list block

A dedicated list block with: custom icons and layouts

Icon block

Up to 10 icons per line to select and customize from the Google material font icons

Email Opt in block

Get Email with Google recaptcha to keep your newsletter list clean. Export Email as .CSV file

Summary block

generate an automatic summary with links based on your content title structure

Tabs block

Create amazing horizontal and vertical tabbed presentations

Contact form block

Add a contact form in Gutenberg, get notified and download data

WooCommerce Latest

Load recent products from WooCommerce as grid or slider

Advanced Image block

Single images with content and overlay effects, lightbox and more

Information block

Load information block including icon, title and text with custom styles

Search bar block

Load a search bar that launch a WordPress content search

Count Up block

Display statistics with a count up block that includes symbol, header, text and more

Social sharing block

Pickup a social icon from the set or define your own, select size, color and any social link

Accordion block

Load gutenberg block in nested accordions with tons of display options

Login & Register block

Allow users to login and register to your website from Gutenberg

Advanced video block

Load your remote videos (Youtube…) or local videos automatic preview and preloading

Map block

Load a Google Maps as Gutenberg block with control size, address, tooltip content

Advanced button block

Single or multiple button block with tons of possibilities

Image slider block

Display a selection of images as slider in Gutenberg with custom links and hover text

Testimonial block

Display testimonials of your clients with a grid presentation or as a slider

Features in Advanced Gutenberg

- Other features included in the plugin and its blocks -

Unlimited Custom Styles

Create custom CSS styles to apply on paragraph blocks. Share  custom styles you've created with all your users

Multiple profiles

Create an unlimited number of editor profiles to customize the edition experience. Each profile have have it own block access limitation

24 column layouts

The Advanced column block has 24 predefined column layouts you can select and modify per device

Block default setup

Each Advanced Gutenberg and 3rd party blocks can have a default configuration. Add blocks with your style is a real time saver

Block spacing

Automate your block vertical spacing by defining a global setting

Column visual guides

Add visual guides to quickly spot your columns, it's size and its container

Users and User Roles

Apply editor profiles per WordPress or for a set of users by selecting a WordPress User Role

Editor width

Define the editor width on admin side with 3 sizes, ordiginal, large (80%) and full width 

2 tabs layout

The tab block comes with 2 layouts, vertical and horizontal tabs

Plugin language translations

Community translations included, create your own in few clicks! More information >>

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