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I'm interested in using this plugin in combination with WooCommerce, which uses the Media Library to add product images. Currently, if I want to use the same product images for different products, I have to either upload them again with a different name, or look through way too many images in my Media Library to find the ones I want. If I use this plugin to create a tree of folders organizing things the way I want, will I be able to choose files from that tree structure when adding product images through the WooCommerce interface?

From how you've described it, it seems like it should work fine, but I wanted to confirm before buying. I've tried other plugins, but because they create a separate library rather than working directly in Media Library, they're useless for my needs.

more than a month ago

Yes! we just added the Woocommerce support few times ago.
I will add that on the product page too ;)

more than a month ago
Upload files AND / IN their folders to Media library, possible ?


I have pictures organized in folders on my computer and would like these files to be uploaded on WordPress media library exactly as they are on my computer.

Is it possible to upload files AND folders with your plugin ?

I mean upload the folders that are on my computer and the files that are in these folders.

I searched plugins and couldn't find exactly what I need ?

Please help ! Thank you !
more than a month ago

Yes you can do that but not "directly" from your computer.
You'll have to upload all your media on your server, by FTP for example, then use the FTP import feature available in WP Media folder.

Then all your media and folder structure will be imported.

more than a month ago
Hello, thank you, so, to be clear,

I just copy my folders and files to a specific FTP folder, then I can import to any of my multi-install Wordpress all the pictures and folders that I put on FTP ? Then I will find my folders and files in my Wordpress media library ?

Thank you so much.
more than a month ago

Yes sure that's it. You have also an automatic media sync tool with FTP folders (not just a one shot import).

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