Sunday, August 07 2016
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What happens after the plugins expiration date for updates? Is there a way to extend that when the time comes? I'd like to purchase but not being able to update it after only 6 months (or a year) somewhat distresses me. Thanks.
more than a month ago

Thanks for contacting us here.
You still run our plugin after expiration date. However, you should nenew it for the update.
An notification email will be sent before the expiration date, you need to follow the instruction only.
If you are not clear about that, drop us a billing ticket (menu Support > Ticket support), our admin will check that.

more than a month ago
Hello, are you saying one should keep paying the $29 every six months or $39 every year to stay updated? This is definitely NOT something I want to get into. So please explain: are these updates crucial, such as patches for security? These patches are critical and I hope you do issue patches when exploits are discovered.

Or by "updates" you're talking about buying new versions to acquire new functionality - like the difference between Adobe Lightroom 5 and 6 ?

Please kindly explain.
more than a month ago
In their defense, I will say that I've learned they will discount the renewal 20%. Better than nothing I suppose. I went ahead and pulled the trigger. Hard to beat this plugin although I am bummed about paying anything just to continue to get updates. :( Oh well...things could be worse.
more than a month ago

Thanks ffwd.
Our memberships are one-time billing, there's no automatic recurring payment. You can renew when you want to update your plugin for new feature or get access to the support. After your membership expiration you'll be able to use the plugin with NO restrictions.

One of the main time consuming tasks for us are:
- Maintaining the plugin features over time, compatible with WordPress new versions
- The personal support ticket

That's why our membership prices are based on that (access to new versions and support). Note that we applied a 20% OFF based on the public price on renew. More information on this FAQ:

Hope it helps! cheers,
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