Thursday, January 14 2016
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Is there a way of selection during the uploading of images the size of the thumbnails. Or even onch they are uploaded choosing a particular size that will render correctly.

If not then the images will often not render correctly on different devices.

Thanks in advance

more than a month ago

I'm sorry I don't get what you mean exactly?

more than a month ago
Hi Tristan,

I just read back what I wrote and to be honest I cannot make any sense of it either :(

What I am wondering is: Is there a way when I am first uploading an image to specify the sizes that the image will be saved at. Because when I create a portfolio gallery the thumbnail version of the image that is selected is tiny 150 x 150 . This would be fine on smaller screens but when the portfolio thumbnail is displayed on a laptop screen it would become blurry.

So I was wondering if there is a way to make it store a bigger image to be used as a thumbnail for laptops. Or if thats not possible, is there a way that once I set up a portfolio to specify an image size for use as a thumbnail on laptops so that too small of an image is not selected, which would result in a blurry image.

I hope this makes a bit more sense then the last email, I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote that it is virtually incomprehensible.

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards


PS I am doing a train course on setting up a website using wordpress at the moment and as such am not that website literate ( or by the look of my previous email generally literate ;)
more than a month ago
OK no problem :)

The image resizing on upload is based on the WordPress image size defined in the settings.
I guess you've seen that you can you can choose the image size in the gallery? Then the choice depends of the column number and the theme width.

Maybe a good way would be to setup a parameter for each gallery theme by default?

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