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  3. Friday, April 15 2016
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1- You added this feature in the latest version: Possibility drag'n drop a media in the current folder.
It's good. But I was expecting possibility of drag and drop on every folder. For now, I have to open the folder and then I can upload them. It would be great if you make drag and drop on the folders. So I only drop the images on the folder I want without even opening it.

2- Or maybe possibility of drag and drop a folder, not in FTP, but in admin panel.

3- Showing the number of folders and files
4- Make different appearance for empty folders to be detectable easier
5- Disable the folder view without deactivate the plugin
6- Make a log of changes, For now if you drag and drop a folder or image in a wrong folder, it's not possible to find it!
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Hi Amir,

Thanks for your feedback.

1/2. Got it and we've tried, but it's quite tricky to achieve while avoiding a lot of JS troubles, that's why :)
3. This is planned for a next release
4. We'll check that
5. You can use the search engine for that, it search in the whole library, currently we haven't planned to implement such feature
6. Yes like in your desktop, maybe an "undo" feature would be great

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