Friday, April 10 2020
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Please tell me WP Media Folder creates real physical folders on discs or only virtually manage they files?
Thank you.
more than a month ago
Hi Piotr

I think that the plugin has to create virtual folders to maintain the same URLs of the images from the media library. I was thinking that the WP Media Folder plugin is only producing virtual folders. Is this correct? Also, need to know what WP versions are supported by this plugin, while we still have a few sites with older Wordpress versions running.

more than a month ago

WP Media Folder doesn't move actual files, and this is not planned (FAQ link

It has been a question we have though during a long time and here are the points that lead us to not integrate this feature:

  1. Moving files inside real folders is a bad idea. Wordpress has not been made to allow that.
  2. It doesn't help SEO as other plugins say, there is no proof at all about that.
  3. It doesn't help managing images as you still have to manage it through the Wordpress Media Manager, even if it's in actual folders on your server.
  4. It can lead to errors in your Wordpress installation. Wordpress saves all attachments to database in a very particular way. It means that each file moved has to be replaced in the database, and all text field in the database must be checked to replace urls of your images inside (including thumbnails).
  5. If you have a lot of posts it takes time and increase the probability that something goes wrong.
  6. Last point is that if any plugin uses Wordpress attachements in a different way that the usual way this may lead to broken links in this plugin.

That's why we have created the ftp and folder synchronisation feature, that should help most of our users that asked for real folders

All that said, if you still want to use real folders you can find a plugin that has an integration with our WP Media Folder plugin :
It's not a plugin supported by our team but it's work pretty well.

Best regards

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