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I'm trying to find new proper gallery code. At the moment I'm using open source php code and it is not fulfilling today’s requirements. I found WP Media Folder very interesting, but I need some more information before purchasing.

1) Is it possible to have very long description texts next to the picture? Please, have a look on my gallery at the moment. http://tinyurl.com/ojvm9yk The text can be with the picture in the gallery or in the light box feature. Main thing is that I have to be able to have the pictures as big as possible in light box and I also need the possibility to have long or unlimited texts.

2) Is it possible to create folder descriptions as in my gallery nowadays?

3) WP Media Folder is having sub-folder option in media management, but how am I able to make the same structure for regular website visitors? Creating new page for one folder?

Looking forward to hear from you soon!

Thanks for contacting us.
WP Media folder gallery is more an enhancement of the default WordPress gallery than a separated gallery manager.
It takes advantage of the folder (custom taxonomy to create folders) to create galleries and apply themes.

2-3 The point is there's no navigation through folders on public website side but you can put custom links on images so navigation can be done using image/links.

1. About the description you can add some text like you did, it depends of the column settings. If you put 1 or 2 columns as settings you'll have more with to display properly your text.

Demo of gallery features: http://www.joomunited.com/wordpress-demo/wp-media-folder-gallery-feature

7 years ago

Thank you for answering.

I understand well how the management side works, and it seems to fit my purposes very well. One big improvement would be picture managing. In the old code it takes very much work even with one picture in order to get it look good. I've got over 2000 photos which needs to be in accurate order in folders and text details.

I'm concerned about how visitors and how proper way the pictures are put. Although your demo is good, I would like to test it with some time to see how it really works and looks like.

What would you say to be best for my purposes: to use WP Media folder or should I try to find some other solutions?

In my opinion the only negative point I see is that you can't have an automatic navigation through galleries (folders) automatically.
You'll have to create some links on image or something else to navigate (a WP menu would be better maybe).

For the management will be the faster you can find on WordPress.
In any case if you're not satisfied I can grant you a refund.

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