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  3. Sunday, August 28 2016
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i have media folder plugin but i neeed this : https://www.joomunited.com/documentation/wp-media-folder-documentation#toc-4-5-single-file-design and i dont see any option http://prntscr.com/cbb42n
have version 3.3.3
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Thanks for contacting to us here about this extension.
You should turn on Enable single file design feature in Settings > Media Folder > Single file tab. (image attached)

Hope it helps!
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cool it works.
but there is a way to change button color when we select the file, i dont see it...
so we can change the button color
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meanwhile i have upload some photos and i see that it creates a link to the file like 2016/06 but we are on 2016/08 see http://prntscr.com/cbn4bs
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