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  2. Pres-sale questions about WP Media Folder
  3. Thursday, January 03 2019
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I recommended WP Media Folder on a Facebook WP group in response to a question. An interested person asked this question, which I did not know the answer to. I'll pass along to him your answer. The question seems to have nuances. Thanks.

"Quick question. I'd buy this in a flash if I knew it could give an accurate presentation of images that are TRULY unused. I've seen numerous plugins that present images as "unattached" - when they are in fact still referenced by internal links.

Some of this comes from the technical definition of "unattached", which apparently doesn't explicitly account for Featured Images (an image can be classified as "unattached", even when used as a featured image).

Worse still, even the regular WordPress filter for Unattached is currently listing images that I use - in a normal way - in public posts. If I delete those images I break posts. Weird.

So, to my question... do you happen to know if this plug in can present a list of images that are REALLY not used from post or page on my site? I'd pay for that."
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Thanks for contacting us about this feature.
This is a quite complex issue, I think we had the request in the past. As you noticed, the WordPress native attached filter is not relevant and it becomes even more complex if you consider that some page builders or sliders are using the media manager. Images are displayed on frontend but not labelled as attached.

A solution would be to scan the content to identify images in content (this is what we're doing with our bulk SEO optimiser on WP Meta SEO) but it requires a lot of server resources and won't 100% accurate for all the websites.

If you find the solution I'll take it :)

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Thanks! I'll pass that info on to the potential customer.
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