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  2. Pres-sale questions about WP Media Folder
  3. Saturday, March 05 2016
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I keep seeing references to WP Default Media Manager. Like, "With WP Media Folder life is easy, you can manage files, images from the native WordPress media manager." Just what do you mean by "native WordPress Media Manager"?

I've been reading the presale questions, and people talk about existing folders. Somewhere I read that your uploaded images can (without WP Media Folder) be stored in folders by month and year...

I'm SO confused. All I have is a Media Library filled with hundreds of unsorted images that is driving me batty. I want to create a very large image gallery and I'll be damned if I want them all distributed into the single mass of images.

I've looked at the video and the online demo and this looks like the answer to a prayer - if I just understood the basic terminology!

(I'll admit part of the problem is that I really hate WordPress, so learning new things about it is difficult for me. I'm an HTML girl and despise WYSIWYG, but HTML has gone past my knowledge level and left me behind, so WP is what I'm stuck with now. Someday someone will write a tutorial I can UNDERSTAND about creating child themes and then maybe I will be happier.)

So that's my idiot question - what are you talking about?

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I see you are fighting a lot with wordpress and i hope you will help you to order your media manager. We have done WP Media Folder exactly for your need. You can classified and order like in windows or mac, explorer or finder. The folder are virtual to keep compatibility with all plugin and not interfere. Really you should even not think about it because it is obvious and you use it like a normal explorer.
You should try it and i think you will enjoy more wordpress. Moreover to create gallery it is 10 times simple now because you can create from a folder directly with nice effect.
We add a lot filtering systeme by date, weight ... and so on.

Let me know if you need more details

Best regards
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