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  3. Tuesday, September 20 2016
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I don't understand your pricing structure for support/update once the plugin has already been purchased. I purchased the plugin on March 9 with six months of support for $34. So my support/update subscription expired on September 9. I want to renew the support/updates. our four levels of Plugin Prices all include "get the plugin." But I don't need to get the plugin again. I already get it back in March and installed it. What's your deal - every time a person wants to renew the support they still have to pay the full "get the plugin" price all over again?
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Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.

The main time consuming tasks for us are:
- Maintaining the plugin features over time, compatible with WordPress new versions.
- The personal support ticket.

That's why our membership prices are based on that (access to new versions and support). Note that we applied a 20% OFF based on the public price on renew. More information on this FAQ: https://www.joomunited.com/features-and-integrations-faq/how-does-membership-renew-and-billing-working-on-joomunited

Hope it helps!
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