Thursday, December 02 2021
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One of my customers is designing a WordPress-based application. This application will offer some media sharing capabilities to his own customers, that will have access to a subset of WordPress' admin interface, and be able to use your plugin to upload and sort the media they'll be wanting to share.

Multiple instances of this application would be deployed, each one embedding your plugin, thus accessible to some end-users.

This raises 2 questions:

  1. Does your license cover this use case, with one purchase for all deployed instances?
  2. Is the application allowed to hide all references to WordPress appearing in your plugin's displays from end users, including its name, "WP Media Folder"?

Thanks for your help.

Our plugins are under the GPL license.

What kind of redistributed application do you mean? How will it be provided to end users?
You have to follow the GPL license on your end too.

So basically:

1/ Yes you can install it on multiple instances
2/ Yes you can remove the references displayed to the end users, you are not allowed to remove it from the source code though.

Please note that we don't provide support for modified version of our plugin and because the plugin will be modified you won't have access to updates without reverting your modifications.

Best regards,

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