Thursday, March 24 2016
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Is that possible to display the tree structure on the front-end for authorized people.
So they may browse file from the website (Intranet in fact).

They need to be able to upload some in knowledge db management and be able to look for some files from the front-end as they really have a lot.
more than a month ago

No for the moment there is no such functionnality in WP Media Folder.

You should look at our other product which is exactly made for that purpose WP File Download

Best regards
more than a month ago
Hi Damien, (are you french?)
thanks for your kind answer,

Yes, I have it already but as far as I understood, it doesn't store files in a maneer or a place where Search WP Engine may index it, does it?
Best regards.
more than a month ago
And are they talking together?
I mean if I bulk import files from an existing local directory containing sub-directories, through WP Media Folder or through WP file download, will they manage files the same way and will I obtain the same Tree Structure in between WP MF & WP FD?

The final purpose is that I have a pre-Sales team who need to be able to browse existing cotation they have previously fullfilled. As being Editors, they'd may post new cotation either through WPMF or WPFD. Furthermore, they'd be able to serach via SearchWP (indexing pdf) or Relevanssi (not indexing pdf :-/ )

Would that make it?
=> That would really make my day!!!

Best regards.
more than a month ago

I don't know Search WP Engine, but even if we use standard post type to save WP File download files, I'm not sure it will be indexed like it should.
I haven't found any documentation on this, so I can't tell you.

You will not have the same structure between WPFD and WPMF, they manage files differently.

I think that the fact you want to use WPEngine search plugin will reduce a lot your possibilities. I don't only speak for our plugins, you may have the same problem with other plugins that will not be indexed by this dedicated and specific search engine.

I'm sorry, I'm sure that's not the answer you were expecting.

Best regards

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