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  Thursday, May 16, 2024
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Hello Joom United

I am using ACF and ACF Extension to upload files by using ACF Forms.
In 1 form I have 3 different file fields and I need to:
- have posibilities to upload every file to his own folder type (Folder for field1,Folder for field2,Folder for field3);
- also I need to have possibilities for user to choice file from that folder in time of filling file field if this file was uploaded previously.

Is it possible by using your plugin ?

With best regards,
1 month ago

Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.

We have examined Advanced Custom Field Pro, but unfortunately, we were unable to locate the Upload form as you mentioned.
Consequently, we are unable to verify your requirement.

Regarding the WP Media Folder plugin, it offers a restriction feature that enables users to access folders based on their assigned roles.

For more detailed information, you can visit the following pages:

Please take note that our WP Media Folder plugin is built upon the default WP media library.
Its purpose is to provide virtual folders for efficient media management within the library.

1 month ago
Thanks for respond.

Acctualy forms it's part of another plugin
But possibility to save in specific ffolder is a part of ACF plugin
You can read more about it here:

May be after this additional information you can give some more clue for my task

With best regards,
1 month ago

Thanks for getting back to me with more information.

To clarify, the concept of a physical folder on the server is not supported by our plugin.
As mentioned earlier, our current functionality enables the creation of virtual folders within the Media library.

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