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  Wednesday, August 17 2022
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We're evaluating WP Media Folder plugin to not just locate the media folder in S3, but also have the ability to share the same S3 media lib across multiple WP instances. We understand the WP DB that includes the media lib info would need to be cloned across the WP instances. We are migrating to WP for the first time and have a large media lib, and want to be able to share a common instance of the media library across multiple dev instances of WP. There are other plugins that can replicate the DB so, we are not concerned about cloning the DB across the dev instances.

Specifically, can we use the WP Media Folder to copy the media lib to S3 from one instance, then clone that instance to other WP dev instances, and link the S3 repo across those additional WP instances using the plugin without having to re-import all >200K media objects into each instance?

Thanks, Mark

Thanks for reaching out to us.
We don't have this feature included in the plugin, just something related to that is the possibility to import and copy the Amazon buckets, see the doc here:

Note that for this type of feature I think that would be better to develop something custom on the server. Migration of big library with plugin only may not work as expected :)

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