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Can you go past the state level to the counties in a state?
4 months ago

Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.

Can you go past the state level to the counties in a state?

I'm not sure which country you mean here. Anyway, the vector map will provide the region as state is the smallest unit,
and we are based on ISO code:

In your case, you can use Markers or Custom map to show the location on the map: Please go here for more details:

Hope this helps!
Best Regards,
4 months ago
@ brian198120
if you have yoru own custom svg for county we will help you to create its map integration in linkymap.
1 day ago
I see this post is 4 months old, so I am hoping that you do offer a map showing US counties.

Your website says, "You can create a hundred of custom vector map and all the world, counties, regions are included, just imagine and create your map." (Do you mean countries?)

I am looking for a product that allows me to shade in specific US counties.

Thank you
1 day ago
Hi leannely,

Thanks for reaching us here.

I'm not sure your specific US counties you mean here. You can see on our demo site at USA state map section here:

1 hour ago
Just to add if you have svg map we can give support to convert that svg map to linkymap.if you have svg map please provide us the map in our ticket support and we can help you to create linkymap version of that map.
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