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  3. Friday, May 18 2018
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We are developing a new website which will be designed to enable tenants to rate their landlords and property managers.
This is currently being developed using Joomla 3.x CMS.

We need a rating/review extension that will provide the following options:

Once the member has logged in, they will be able to able to create a new rating of a landlord or property manager.

Once the member clicks to begin the process of rating, they will be shown a page with a questionnaire with the following sections.

Section 1
This first section will include the following text fields:
i. Full name of landlord or property manager – person or company name
ii. Address of landlord or property manager
iii. Address of tenancy
iv. Start date of tenancy
v. End date of tenancy (if ended )

Section 2
This second section will include the following options, preferably with a 1-100 slider, or “star” system, with an option for N/A (Not Available):
i. The signing and letting process was good
ii. The landlord provided good customer service
iii. The landlord dealt with repairs efficiently, if you haven't needed any repairs, choose N/A.
iv. The property is safe and secure
v. The property is good value for money
vi. My house feels like a home
vii. The moving out process was good, if you haven't moved out yet, choose N/A.
viii. The landlord handled my deposit fairly, if you haven't paid a deposit, choose N/A.
We will need the ability to add/remove/edit these options to include further questions from the back end.

Section 3.
Any other feedback? This needs to be an open text box, preferably offering a text editor.

Section 4.
Image uploads – preferably with a back-end control of the number of uploads allowed, and maximum size of images, and the available image extensions allowed (i.e. png, jpg, pdf, etc).

The tenant will then submit this review, which will then send an alert to the site admins, who will be able to log into the component in the back end and review and reject or accept the review for publication on the front end.

The tenant will be able to review and add further ratings for additional landlords or property managers at any time.

Front end options.
The front end must include an option to display results (reviews) from members listings, preferably by the use of a module which is configurable to show options like the quantity of reviews, or by name, rating, region or other option.
Also, when logged in on the front end, members will need to be able to do a search of addresses, landlords or property managers, of those reviews already listed previously. The results are to be presented on the front end in a manner that can be chosen by the submission process, so the results will be displayed by name, address, region etc or .

Will your review extension provide the above, or if not, can you please advise what options you could offer
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Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
Our item rating provide you the items to rate and the summary score of all rating on frontend. So it seems not to fit with your requirement.
You can see the link for more details: Item rating documentation and
Item rating demo

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