Item Rating documentation


Item rating is a vote and rating system for Joomla. Define a set of criteria and add score and review on Joomla articles or third party components and show you reviews to users.





1.1 Install

Our component is Joomla 3.x compatible. All the features and 3rd party integrations are included in all memberships.
In order to install our component you have to download the extension .zip file and use standard Joomla installer.



Then click on Browse > Upload and Install button, component, modules and plugins will be installed activated by default.


1.2 Update & automatic updater

In order to update the extension you can install a new version over the old one by downloading the ZIP file from JoomUnited or use the automatic updater (recommended).




The automatic updater, which push the update notification, is embedded in the Joomla extension you've installed. So you'll get notified like any other extension in the dashboard or using the menu: Extension > Manage > Update menu.


Login to your account to update

You need to login to your JoomUnited account to update all your JoomUnited Joomla extensions. In order to login access the main configuration of the component then click on the Live update tab. At the bottom, you'll find a login button. 




Enter your JoomUnited credentials, the same you use to login here @




The button will turn orange, congrats! you can now update all the JoomUnited extensions on this website! If your membership is expired you'll get a renew link and a text that explain that.



Note: one single login will allow you to update all the JoomUnited extensions (regarding your membership). Login won't expire unless you disconnect it. 



2.1 Create a rating group

The main idea of Item rating is to define a set of criteria organized in groups and apply those groups on Joomla article or on some 3rd party plugins. You can create different rating group and define a set of criteria for each group. Click on new to add a rating group.




The category option helps you to define where the rating group will be loaded “by default”. For example, here, “JoomUnited rating group” will be loaded by default in Joomla “Blog” category. But it can be change anytime directly inside your Joomla article.




You can choose a predefine theme for your voting.




The total score title and review summary are the default review title and text added when the group is loaded in the content. Of course, it can be changed in each content to add a custom review. The content is just here to give guidelines and save time to final user, it can be change in each item. 

A parameter is available to display your content in various positions.




A style options can be set to make the design you want without any css code typing.




Use the tooltip to find the place of the element that you are styling. A vote and review parameters are also available to:

  • Display the number of votes
  • The final score type and position



Different final score type are available, the main idea is to make it match with the criteria styles. You also have an integration with font awesome with a selection to choose from.









If you click on the area then on the Droptables button again the table previously added will be loaded.
The global score is automatically calculated depending of each criteria note. A live preview of the final rendering is available in the backend.

A custom css field is also available to apply custom style on group.




2.2 Manage rating items

The rating items are criteria of votes. You can define a rating title. The rating will be the default one without any other votes




Note: if you do not allow public rate, the score defined here or set in the content will be fixed on frontend

Then you can assign a group where the criteria will appear and a rating design type.




The default number of vote is here to force a number of vote in case of public vote or display a fake vote count on frontend. Final rendering example in article.





You can apply a voting restriction in different way. Inside each criteria you can allow/disallow public voting




In the global config of the component you can set restriction to specific Joomla user group. In the component view, click on options





Then you’ll be able to limit all frontend votes to a particular Joomla user group. Finally in Joomla article view, you’ll get a dedicated tab to apply votes.





Item rating got a report section that is useful to display all the ratings and score of your website. On the left side you can filter by rating type.



Then on rating edition view, you got a full report with a possibility to make a bulk rating edition.





5.1 K2 integration

Item rating is integrated with a lot of 3rd party extensions like: K2, Ads manager, JomSocial, FlexiContent, Gmapfp, Hikashop, Zoo, Moset Tree, Virtuemart, SP Page Builder.
Bellow the K2 main item tab you’ll also the item rating form.




You can load any group and criteria you’ve created before. A default rating group can be assigned to K2 categories.



5.2 Jomsocial integration

A default rating group can be assigned to Jomsocial profile. Go in Jomsocial > Applications.




Then select the plugin item rating.


From there, you’ll able to set the rating group loaded by default on profiles and allows users to rate. Here’s a Jomsocial profile on frontend with item rating loaded.




5.3 Hikashop integration

Item rating have a dedicated plugin to do rating on hikashop products. The plugin is activated by default so you’ll be able to assign rating group to product from hikashop product edition.




5.4 Mosets tree integration

Item rating got a dedicated plugin for Moset tree. Go in the plugin and search for “extension” word, enable the plugin.



Then go to custom field management on Mosets tree component and click on new field and select item rating there. 




Then Add Edit and item rating type.



Then load your custom field on the Mosets tree view you want like any other field. Rating group will be displayed on frontend. 


5.5 Community Builder support

Item rating got a dedicated plugin for Community Builder. Download and install it separately from Community Builder. Go to the CB plugin parameter and select the rating group id that you want to display. Then publish the tab.




5.6 VirtueMart integration

In order to use Item rating in VirtueMart, first, you go to Virtuemart > Product > Custom Fields, click on New button to create a new custom field. The Custom Field Type is Plug-ins and Additional Parameters is Virtuemart-Item Rating.




After that, you can adjust the parameters listed below the Additional Parameters; such as: select Rating group,... then click on Save button.




Next, when creating a new product, you will see the rating at Custom Fields tab. From now, the rating group should be displayed on each product on frontend.