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  3. Wednesday, February 13 2019
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my category access level of my is public but when i put single file in content just "Super Users" can download file, and Guest or other users level when click on download link just get "#" end of page url and nothing happen. ???

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There is no link on this anchor because it will load an information popup about this file.
Javascript is used to load it, that why the href of your link is #.
Of course if the visibility is set to Public it means that all visitors can download the file.
If not maybe there is an incompatibility with your theme or a plugi in your site.

Please open a support ticket here, our support team will check it with you: https://www.joomunited.com/support/ticket-support

Best regards
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Hello, you don't understand. What I said is that no one can download the files sent by Dropfile because it is in the download Part a "# " and does not let anything download or a level you saw there in the attached image only gets like this. Have a solution?

It's been a while since I bought it, but it doesn't mean I can't be supported because the error is in the component provided by you I have direct support even if it is expired license.
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I don't see any old subscription based on your name, I can then guess the version number you have.
If you have an old version this could be a lot of things, like a bug solved, a conflict with a new Joomla version, with your theme or with another extension.
Also Dropfiles allows to make custom themes, site owners can do anything inside and we can't know what has been coded.
You have a list of the extension changes here: https://www.joomunited.com/changelog/dropfiles-changelog

Our memberships are one-time billing, there's no automatic recurring payment. You can renew when you want to update your plugin for new feature or get access to the support.
After your membership expiration you'll be able to use the plugin with NO restrictions.

Though, we would like to bring your attention on a point. One of the main time consuming tasks are:
- Maintaining the plugin features over time, compatible with WordPress new versions
- The personal support ticket

That's why our membership prices are based on that (access to new versions and support). Note that we applied a 20% OFF based on the public price on renew. More information on this FAQ: https://www.joomunited.com/features-and-integrations-faq/how-does-membership-renew-and-billing-working-on-joomunited

Best regards,
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