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  3. Wednesday, April 26 2017
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Dear all,

I'm using your Dropfiles plugin and it works perfectly.
I just have one question regarding your product.

It would be very helpful if a client is automatically informed by e-mail when we have a download prepared for them.
Now we have to confirm our clients manually to let them know that we have a download ready.

Since there is already an e-mailing program linked to dropfiles this should be feasible I guess ?
I bet there are more users looking for this feature.

Thanks in advance !

Bart van Wanrooy
Mijnlabtest.nl / Meinlabtest.de
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Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
Users will receive a notification email when files were added, edited, deleted or downloaded, which version are you using? This feature was added in version 4.1. For more details: https://www.joomunited.com/documentation/dropfiles-documentation#toc-2-7-email-notifications

Hope it helps!
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