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1) I am thinking to buy a subscription for Dropfiles.
But there is one functionality, which i want to be sure, that it is possible.

Please imagine I have a Folder on my windows dekstop with lots of other folders inside.
In each of the folders there are for example 10 documents and maybe also other folders.

How can I import the documents assigned to the correct Category (my folder structur)?
In PhocaDownloader I was able to to upload my entire folder via FTP. And Phoca created from all Folders (Inside the Folder) a Category and assigned the right documents to it.

Is there any possible solution in Dropfiles to upload and assign documents this way?
Because I dont want to create 200 categorys for example. So actually you can call it Batch Import or something like this...
Is it possible?

2) Does the Google Drive plugin recognize folders in Google Drive folder, so it creates categorys from folders? A friend said, there is an issue that Dropfiles create empty files with the title of the folder if you have a folder inside a folder on GDRIVE.


You can import files directly in a category through the import functionality but it will not recreate the folder structure.

Yes with the latest version you can put a folder inside another Google Drive folder it will create the category into the Dropfiles.
This is now a two way sync with Google Drive.

So if you planned to create your 200 folders to use it with Google Drive, then you can do it.
Just synchronize the folder created by Dropfiles with your Windows/Mac and drag and drop your folders inside the desktop Drive application.

Best regards.

6 years ago
Thank you for your fast reply!
If it works with Gdrive how you described it, it would be exactly what i need.

So to be 100% sure I will repeat what I understood:

Dropfiles will create categories from folders located on GDrive. And all files stored in each folder, will be assigned to the the correct category, how it is on Gdrive, depending in which folder the file is. Correct?
Correct ;)
6 years ago
All right! Thanks.

Do you know where I can find the changelogs and do you have a demo version or something like this?
Here the changelog :

We do not provide demo version but you can see the demonstration video here :

Best regards.

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