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  3. Monday, December 10 2018
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is it possible to turn off WP Media Folder when editing a specific Post Type?

i am using ACF file upload and have the "limit the media library choice" option set to "uploaded to post". it is still showing all the media folders and selecting the last one i used.

this CPT should be saved in a completely different folder, that is not visible in die media library - i know how to achieve this with the default wp upload filters, but don't know how this would interfere with the media folder plugin, as a folder keeps to be selected automatically...

thanks for your help.

one more thing, in your FAQ you write

"Is there some actions we can use as developer?
Yes, we've included in the plugin commented Hooks & Filters and we have a dedicated documentation for that."

but i cannot find this dedicated documation anywhere!
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Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
is it possible to turn off WP Media Folder when editing a specific Post Type?

Sorry, we don't have that option at the moment.
Here is our Dev documentation:

Hope it helps!
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thanks for your quick reply!

that documentation is really helpful (at least when you find it ;) you should link there in your FAQ!)

i guess i would have to use the wpmf_attachment_set_folder action, but unfortunately there are no code examples in the documentation, so i couldn't figure it out on my own.

any chance you can help me to do the following:

if file was uploaded to a post with custom post type "jobs" then always use wpmf folder "JOBUPLOADS/post-ID" (no matter which folder was selected by the user)?

thanks for your help!
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