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  3. Sunday, August 18 2019
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Hi there, long term user here... :)

Here is a feature suggestion from me. I'd like to have an option to view all the files in the library, no matter what folders they are in. Sounds strange, when I bought the plugin for creating the folders? Well, sometimes it happens, that my (or client's) folder structure get so complicated, that I'm just not sure, in which folder the file is (and I don't remember its name). Sometimes I'm so desperate, that I have to deactivate the plugin to see default library with all the files to scroll them through.

So, such a option would be awesome.

Recently, I've come across 2 relatively new (and free, although limited) plugins for "foldering" the media:
Mediamatic and Filebird

Both of them have this option. I've tested them both and I have to admit, that I found them a little bit better arranged and visually more appealing.

For example, your plugin has narrower folder pannel, and deeper levels of folders with longer names just don't get fit there. Yes, I can change the width of the left pannel, but it isn't saved and after reload it's back to default.

Maybe you could get inspired... ;)

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Thanks for adding your feature request here.

I'd like to have an option to view all the files in the library, no matter what folders they are in.

Yes, I got your idea with other plugins to illustrate. As you know, there are a bunch of interesting tickets waiting for us.
Anyways, we’ll keep that in mind for a future release!

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I second that request - "View All" should be really on the top of your priorities - very useful feature. :) - please help us all
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Hi, i'm a long term user too and add my voice to this recurring request.

And it's not only a "View All" link missing, a "Not Categorized" link is missing too, unless i missed something.

I would suggest that "View All" could be accessed by clicking the Media root folder, but currently, this doesn't show any file if the files have been previously categorized in specific folders.
It doesn't makes sense, i'd naturally expect the root media folder to show all files in the media library.

And adding a "Not Categorized" link.

See more or less related requests, not posted just yesterday:

Will you please seriously consider these features at last?

Thanks for your attention
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The view all feature will be added to the next 5.1 version.
It will be displayed as a filter in the media view.
If selected all files under the current selected folder and its subfolders will be displayed.
If not only the files directly in the folder will be displayed.

Best regards
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Good news, thanks for the answer! ;)
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