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How to Speed up Joomla 4 using Speed Cache


There is nothing glamorous about tweaking your Joomla! 4's cache settings. Looking for slight improvements to your blog's loading times is laborious and mind-numbing, although rewarding. However, with Speed Cache, JoomUnited's Joomla! 4 extension, caching becomes a much simpler task.

Thanks to Speed Cache, you have to worry no longer about what changes you should perform next, or what is working and what is not with your SEO strategy. With its intuitive interface, Speed Cache takes your hand and guides you to improve your Joomla! blog's performance almost effortlessly. And best of all, Speed Cache is fully compatible with Joomla! 4.

Improving loading times with caching

The great thing about Speed Cache for Joomla! 4 is that most of your SEO-related settings are accessible through one neat dashboard. The dashboard shows not only your current settings, including the cache's configuration, but also alerts you of possible problems you might want to resolve.

Broadly-speaking, Speed Cache has three main features: caching, grouping and minification, and CDN. All three sets of features can be accessed by clicking the buttons at the top of the dashboard. You can also quickly clear your cache or head to the general configuration.

Caching is our Joomla! plugin's crowning feature, which is where Speed Cache takes its name from. Speed Cache's caching system is special because not only does it work for static content, like homepages or About us, but also supports caching for dynamic pages.

All of the caching settings are accessible from the configuration, and they are, again, listed as a simple dashboard. The dashboard lets you toggle caching separately for the public and for logged-in users, giving you complete control over your caching set-up. In addition, you can enable preloading in the same manner, giving instructions to the browser to load webpages in advance.

Speed Cache's caching is even more flexible. You can write your own rules to exclude certain URLs from caching, especially if they are prone to change. And from the configuration, you can set up dedicated caching for mobiles, tablets and desktop devices, ensuring that your users have the best Joomla! experience regardless of device.

If you have set up caching, you might also want to go the extra mile and enable a CDN to speed up loading times. CDNs serve your Joomla! blog from several servers, each located in a different country. Whenever a user visits your website, the CDN loads your Joomla! content from the closest server, boosting loading times and, by extension, your SEO scores.

The CDN settings are easily-accessible from your Joomla! dashboard or plugin configuration. Setting up a CDN involves simply filling in a form with the CDN details. From the same form, you can quickly control what files to serve with the CDN and clear the Cloudflare cache in one click.

Grouping and minification

Speed Cache's third major feature after caching and CDN is grouping and minification. When a user visits your website, the browser sends one request to download each page, script and stylesheet, which can mean several time-consuming requests. Grouping and minification reduce the burden of such requests to speed up loading times.

Grouping, as the name implies, groups several resources—raw HTML, scripts or stylesheets—into one file. Minification then reduces the size of the original scripts or stylesheets, or of the grouped resources. And as you have come to expect, Speed Cache makes enabling grouping and minification a breeze.

As usual, you can click on the Group and minify button in the dashboard to access the settings. Toggle the options to create your own custom configuration, which includes not only grouping and minification, but also deferring and custom rules.

A few switches toggled is all it takes to speed up your Joomla! 4 blog… at least with Speed Cache. The latest update to Joomla! has made the CMS an even more powerful blogging tool. With Speed Cache's caching, CDN, and grouping and minification, you can give it the speed boost it needs to soar on search engines.

Do you want to speed up your Joomla! blog? Check out Speed Cache here!

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