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Advanced Gutenberg is an enhancement of the new WordPress editor that is planned to be shipped very soon with WordPress 5.0. 

Advanced Gutenberg offer you and your clients full control over all the editor tools: Filter the tools available per user role, or even per user. Furthermore, the plugin comes with time-saving tools, such as: a default gallery enhancement tool with lightbox images, a summary tool and a custom CSS style editor. And it's totally open source and FREE!



Supercharge the Gutenberg Editor with 20+ new blocks and enhanced blocks


Manage blocks activation per user profile


Define default configuration for advanced gutenberg blocks


Gutenberg Advanced, Live


Users, User Role and Block Access Control


Advanced Gutenberg offers a unique experience for each content creator. You have the possibility to:

  • Create several user profiles
  • Activate / Disable some of the editor tools
  • Apply profiles to one or several users or user roles
  • Export/Import user profiles from one website to another


Latest Posts and WooCommerce Products


Advanced Gutenberg comes with a block to display your latest posts (Classic editor or Gutenberg format) and your latest WooCommerce products. Several layouts are included like post/product grid, blog format, slider format. Content filters and options available are:

  • Category selection
  • Number of post/products
  • Column number
  • Use first text or excerpt as intro
  • Order by date, price, rating, popular


Gutenberg Gallery Enhancement


Advanced Gutenberg comes with the default WordPress gallery manager enhancement:

  • Add a lightbox to gallery images
  • Display image captions


Gutenberg Content Blocks


Several Blocks are enhanced using Advanced Gutenberg:

  • Summary: Generate an automatic summary based on Gutenberg's content title structure
  • Advanced Button block: Create buttons with more styles (hover, border, padding...)
  • Advanced List block: Create lists with custom icon, icon color, margin...
  • Advanced separator with type, color, width


Advanced Image and Video Blocks


Images and videos represent some of the most important content on websites, and our new blocks allows you advanced control over these media types display:

  • Video Block: display remote or local video with customizable player
  • Video Block: tons of display options, including image previews and lightboxes
  • Advanced Image block: get more controls over your images and banners with hover text and more


Gutenberg Accordions and Tabs Made Easy


Display content in a smart way using tabs and accordions. All the content in tabs and accordions can be visually edited like any text and you retain control over colors and design from the Gutenberg block settings.


Gutenberg Design Blocks


Several new content block will be added to Gutenberg, including:

  • Map block: Display a Google Map with a custom icon, tooltip and description
  • Testimonial block: display clients testimonials
  • Counter (count up) with symbols: present your statistics in a fancy way


Custom Style for Blocks


Advanced Gutenberg has a dedicated tool to create custom CSS styles and make them available to end users. As a webdesigner, create your own style to fit your WordPress theme, name it and let the content editors use it when they need it.



All additional features included

fast lightTime saving
Having the possibility of creating and re-using your own styles, buttons, bullets.. is real time saver

color pickerUnlimited Custom Styles
Create and share the custom styles you've created with all your users

file statLight
All the created custom styles are stored on an external CSS file - we do NOT use inline CSS

edit from editorCustom Tools
Select a set of editor tools per profile, for example remove the text color option for certain users only

user role editorUsers and User Roles
Apply editor profiles per WordPress user by using WordPress User Roles for a set of users

add news blockSummary in One Click
Insert and update your content summary in one click. It's based on title levels and can be stylized easily

full text searchCode Auto Completion
CSS code edition contain an auto completion system to avoid typo errors

dragndropHighly Compatible
As the editor is an extension of the WordPress default one it is highly compatible with other plugins

multi lingualMulti-lingual Ready
The plugin has inbuilt translation and you can create your own using the JU-Translation tool

updaterExtension Update
Maintaining websites with plugins can be very tiring because of license limitations. Advanced Gutenberg uses WordPress updater

folder coverUser Friendly
Configuration help texts, style preview, design make the plugin user friendly

folder coverFast
As Gutenberg will be the default editor it'll be included in all WordPress installations, don't overload WordPress with another page builder

navigation in filesMap Block
Including a business location is something you'll need in almost every website, use our advanced Google Maps block!

zoomSpace Control
We've added several option to control block space like a new spacer tool and spacing options in the columns blocks

media viewsTables
A new advanced table block is available with more color, borders, spacing, and alignment for content

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