Tuesday, February 05 2019
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Is it possible to make WP Smart Editor's profiles available to ACF Wysiwyg editor field's Toolbar?
I need to use different sets of buttons in different ACF fields.

If possible, could you point me to the right direction? I was unable to find how to set this up… at least so far.



Thanks for contacting us.
Currently that's not an option available and it would require to develop something to be integrated with that ACF option.

If you're developer maybe the developer have a idea of how he could have done that?
Let me know if you're interested.

3 years ago
Thanks! It is good to know what is not possible as well :)

Unfortunately, I'm pretty much running against the clock right now and was looking for some ready-made solution (in addition that I like the plugin and its satellite plugins quite a bit). So I'll just fall back to hand-coding what I need at this point.

But maybe some other time! I believe it shouldn't be extremely hard to map these settings to ACF fields through ACF-provided hooks (I could be wrong, idk…)… But I don't have time to get involved just now.

OK sounds good, just let me know if you need anything else.

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