Saturday, December 09 2017
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I intend to buy a license for this plugin: one of the main reasons (at least initially) is that it seems to be able to generate a proper, full HTML sitemap for an entire multilingual website (different content in different languages), while other HTML sitemap generators only show the main language, no united sitemap (I have tested several ones, all had the same issue, except for the free version of your plugin). And it seems that it can add other useful functions.
Before buying, however, I have a question about the redirection section of the plugin.
The site on which I intend to use it is the very recent WP rebuilding of an older site produced with Dreamweaver 15 years ago. Obviously, I had to create many redirections, since the structure and the syntax of the links is no longer the same. For that purpose, I have used the excellent Redirection plugin. It works fine.
My question; is it possible to use your 404 redirection tool along with the Redirection plugin, or will this create conflicts and possible issues? Usually, I refrain from using two plugins serving (at least in part) the same purpose.
I thank you in advance for clarifying this potentially important issue.
more than a month ago

Thanks for contacting us.
You won't have any problem unless you try to use both plugins to redirect the same URLs :)

more than a month ago

Thank you very much. This sounds attractive. It means just remining consistent in what is used for which purpose.

By the way, I have noticed that I was wrong when telling that the plugin allows to have a sitemap with the different language sections. While I can indeed select all of them, the HTML sitemap only shows the respective language in each language section. There seems to be no way to incorporate all the language sections into a single sitemap. I don't know if this a feature available in the Pro version? The structure of the website, as you can seem is to have the main section as French, then a German section /de/, an Italian one /it/ and an English one /en/

My challenge is generating a single, general HTML map with all four language sections.


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