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  2. Pres-sale questions about WP Media Folder
  3. Thursday, December 22 2016
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We have ~200 ngg galleries with 50-200 images each (in total ~18,000 images of sport events). each gallery ist stored in a separate folder.

we want to bring this galleries to the web, but not with ngg because of its terrible styling.
we want a modern responsive UI for the galleries and a smart phone ready swipe effect when browsing through the galleries.
another requirement: a kind of overview/gallery of galleries, to automatically list the folder content. this listing of galleries (sport events) must be ordered by folder time
Now we have to make a page for each gallery so that the content view plugin can identify them and group the e.g. all galleries form 2016.
a timeline of all galleries would be great.
can your product handle this requirements?
  1. http://oejv.com/gallerie-test
  2. http://oejv.com/media/bilder-2/bilder-2016/
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Thanks a lot for this complete requirement brief.
Currently WP Media Folder has a NGG importer but it's more an enhancement of the default WP gallery system. I mean we don't have any gallery level system.

We have planned to develop this as a feature in a separated addon in the future.
Hope it helps.

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is it possible to test the plugin?
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I'm sorry we don't have any trial/limited version as our plugin are open source.
But, if you encounter any trouble of compatibility, the developer in charge can fix that for you or we can refund you.

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