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  3. Tuesday, April 12 2016
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Hi, I have a wordpress site, where I control users’ permissions via the plugin WPFront User Role Editor Personal Pro. With this plugin I can determine which users (by role) can read certain content and which users can edit certain contents. However, my users have to deal with many files, so they have the need to create folders in the Media Library, both for management and for inclusion in the post/pages. Do you think your plugin is compatible with WPFront User Role Editor? I need that roles with write permissions can access your plugin’s functionality, but the limits imposed are respected (eg a user can not delete files uploaded by other users).

Thank you
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The current plugin version offers an option to create automatically a folder per user (his own root folder) and manage files and folders under this root folder as they want. Only user in admin group can have access to all media.

In the next version, available next week, we have included the same feature but by user role, I mean the plugin will be able to generate a root folder per user role. So all user in the user group will be able to access a the same media and folders.

Hope it helps.

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Hi, thank you for your reply.
But a single user can create more folders and then insert them into a page as shortcode or similar? Or a user can use only one folder?
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Please check attached, it depends if the user connected is allowed to create file category or not. Both are possible.

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