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  3. Thursday, May 16 2019
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So, I inherited a web site that is using the free version of WP Media Folder. I uploaded some current dated PDF files in May 2019 and the links show them as being in the .../uploads/2018/12 folder. Looking at the underlying file structure, they sure are in the 2018-12 folder but with 2019-05 date. How can I get the uploads to go to the correct dated folder? I need this to work or I will have to find another way of managing media.
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WP Media Folder doesn't handle the destination where file are stored on upload, folder created are virtual folders.
The final destination of the files is handled by WordPress itself or another plugin you may have on this website.

Also there is only a commercial version of WP Media Folder.

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Oh, did not realize there was only the commercial version. So used to free vs pay versions.

I will see if I can track down the issue, maybe the previous developer. At least I have eliminated one cause. :)

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