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  2. Pres-sale questions about WP Media Folder
  3. Saturday, May 28 2016
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Can we see the image folders while creating a slider and trying to import them from specific folders on the slider.

If you can route me to the correct implementation of this then i can buy the product.

Regards, Suma
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Hi Suma,

Is this question about WP Media folder or Layer Slideshow? (the first one is your post category and layer slideshow is mentioned in the post tag) :D
If it's about WP Media folder, what is the Slideshow extension your're using?

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Hi Tristan,

Thanks for the reply. The question is regarding integrating the Media on Layer slider. I am looking at organizing the media by custom folders and picking them on the layer slider. I understand that organizing is achievable by current product , along with this can we pick them on slider from whichever folder they are in.
The current version of slider is 5.4.0.

BR, Suma
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OK got it. Our plugin has been tested and works with layer slider.
You can of course create media folders for your slider media and pickup some of them to include it in your slides.

Hope it helps, cheers,
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Thank you.

So while picking them does plugin provide us flexibility to pick from custom folders on slider or i need to pick from all the images available in the default location. Does MP plugin is enough for this or do we need another plugin for slider too.

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To explain my use case here, i need to choose images but using regular MP and slider, i need to choose from all the available images. I have loads of images so my requirement is to organize them and also easily pick them from the slider. The custom folders should be visible from the slider component and it should allow me to pick or delete from custom folders.

BR, Suma
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Yes this is the exact behaviour of the plugin.

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